Chrome ExtensionsThe world of Google Chrome extensions is vast, which is a great thing. That gives you, the user, plenty of options when choosing ways to improve the look and functions of your browser.

But there’s no denying that some extensions simply get lost in the fray. With thousands of them to choose from, there’s simply no time to find everything that the Chrome store has to offer. That’s why we at Brand Thunder wanted to find some of the best Chrome extensions that you may not know about.

These are the browser extensions that are chock full of great features, but don’t always get the same recognition as some of the bigger names out there.

Take a look at the examples below and see why even some of the lesser-known Chrome extensions have plenty to offer.

Ghostery by

ghostery Chrome Extension
Ghostery Chrome Extension

Unfortunately, a lot of websites and ad networks want to monitor your online activity. Luckily, Ghostery helps you see the “invisible” web, detecting everything from trackers, web bugs, and pixels to beacons on sites such as Facebook, Google Analytics, over 1000 other ad networks, and more. Ghostery also helps you learn more about these sites that are tracking you, giving you the option to block scripts, images, iframes, and objects/embeds from companies that you don’t trust.

Lookup Companion for Wikipedia by Visibo

Visibo Chrome Extension
Visibo Chrome Extension

This is the best Chrome extension for Wikipedia aficionados . It’s a full-featured mini-browser that gives you instant access to Wikipedia searches without having to worry about the site loading. Type in your search query the moment the lookup tool opens or look at your recent wiki searches, complete with back/forward history.

Vimeo Video Downloader by Sulabh Bista

Vimeo Video Downloader Extension
Vimeo Video Downloader Extension

Vimeo is known for hosting some of the highest-quality videos on the Internet. It’s a great place for filmmakers to show off their movies, bands to debut their music videos and companies to upload their commercials. With the Vimeo Video Downloader, you get a Chrome extension that lets you easily download any video from Vimeo directly to your computer.

The “Cats” Chrome Extension

Cats Chrome Extension
Cats Chrome Extension

This extension is as simple – and amazing – as it sounds. Every day, you will get a brand new picture of an adorable cat directly in your browser, with the added benefit of the occasional bunny or dog. Looking for a pick-me-up while surfing the web? Here’s your solution.

Open Tweet Filter by Ricardo Stuven

Open Tweet Filter
Open Tweet Filter

Sometimes, if you follow a lot of the same types of people on Twitter, you get a timeline full of similar information. That can be tiresome, and bury other tweets you might want to read. And, sometimes, there are people you just don’t feel like reading at a certain time, but don’t want to unfollow. Whatever your reasons, the Open Tweet Filter lets you easily filter out tweets by content and author, through everything can be accessed once again when the filters are cleared.

Wookmark by Wookmark

Wookmark Chrome Extension

If you’re a designer, artist, or just a generally creative person, Wookmark is a great Chrome extension that motivates and inspires. Art enthusiasts will love the ability to collect their favorite images and videos from all over the Internet. Simply install this extension and create a account, then save your favorite pictures and videos in two easy clicks.

Tab Shutter by Nima Mar.

Tab Shutter
Tab Shutter Extension

For those of us who keep a ton of tabs open at all times, an organizational tool that manages them would be a big help. With Tab Shutter, you get just that, as it allows you to save and organize your current tabs, which can then be accessed again at any time.

These are just a few of the best Chrome extensions that aren’t well-known, and there is a huge library of other ones that are waiting to be discovered. The next time that you want a new extension for your browser, be sure to dig deeper in the Chrome store – we think you’ll be happy with what you find.

Do you have a lesser-known Chrome extension that you like to use? Let us know..

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