Firefox Addons for Web DevelopersFirefox is an immensely popular web browser for a variety of reasons. One huge reason for its popularity is its ability to provide tools to web designers to help make their work easier, more efficient, and impressive. There are many different kinds of Firefox add-ons for web designers, but we are going to take a look at a few of the very best that are out there. Most notably, these tools make the lives of web developers and graphic designers that much easier, providing easy and quick access to essential tools. Additionally, there are many tools and Firefox add-ons for web designers that make work at a smooth pace, taking bothersome ads and slow-loading web pages out of the equation.

Here are just a few of the most beneficial Firefox add-ons for web developers:

Web Developer Firefox

Web Devloper for Firefox
Web Developer Add-on for Firefox

This Firefox add-on offers web developers an easily accessible toolbar with a variety of developer tools. It’s functional, easy to use, and perfect for developers who need quick access to these indispensable tools while working. Get the Web Developer add-on here.


ColorSuckr Add-on for Firefox
ColorSuckr Addon for Firefox

Building color schemes for your site has never been easier, thanks to ColorSuckr. Simply right-click on any image on the web and you will be able to extract the 12 most common colors from it. This add-on is especially perfect for graphic designers looking to build elaborate color schemes for clients.

Fire FTP Add-on

Fire FTP Firefox
Fire FTP Firefox Add-on

FireFTP allows users to easily and quickly transfer files, but it comes with a host of other valuable features for web developers, including directory comparison, SSL encryption, remote editing, and much more.

Firebug Add-on


Firebug Addon Firefox

Firebug is one of the most comprehensive Firefox add-ons for web designers. It allows you to edit and monitor HTML, CSS, and Java Script live in any web page. Seasoned pros or even those learning the craft of web development will find this add-on useful when browsing the internet.

IE Tab

IE Tab Add-on
IE Tab for Firefox

The design and formatting of a site can certainly change within different browsers, so it’s important for web developers to frequently check multiple browsers to ensure everything is working properly. The IE Tab Firefox add-on makes this task easy for developers by allowing them to simply right-click on a link to see how a web page will look in Internet Explorer.

AdBlock Plus Add-on

AdBlock Plus
AdBlock Plus Firefox Add-on


No one likes being troubled by advertisements on the internet, but web developers are constantly working with multiple web pages. To ensure that your web pages are loading quickly and that your browser is running as efficiently as possible with multiple tabs open, be sure to use Adblock Plus.

PrefBar Add-on

PrefBar Firefox
PrefBar Firefox Addon


While it lacks a flashy design, PrefBar does not disappoint when it comes to providing options to web developers. This add-on gives easy access to a wide variety of preferences that are ideal to web designers, including everything from JavaScript, fonts, Flash, cookies, cache control, clear history, save page, language controls, and much, much more.

Other Best Add-ons Lists

These are just seven of the many useful web developer and designer tools that can be used on Firefox. To get a complete look at the available Firefox add-ons for web designers, be sure to check out the full gallery here. As a Web Developer, which Firefox Addons do you use on a regular basis that we are missing here? Please post them in the comments below…..

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