Successful Brand Relationships with Public
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**Guest Post by Aubrey Phelps

The best marketers in the world understand that branding is all about developing relationships with the public.

When a customer buys a product, they have developed a small relationship with the store or website they’re buying the product from along with a small relationship with the product. If the customer discovers satisfaction with that product and price, the relationship that customer has with the store will increase. Over time that store will discover a strong residual income from the customers it established good relationships with. This is by far the best principle any marketer can ever understand about branding.

The principle of relationships extends into every aspect of branding. The best singers in the history of the world built relationships with their listeners by creating music that connected with the listener.  As musicians offer better music, overtime their relationship with their audience increases, soon people start buying their music and then doing whatever they can to get to their concert. Money and wealth increase as the relationships increase if the brand can keep delivering quality products. Sports teams have learned this same principle. It’s vital that businesses understand it as well.

The three factors that go into quality branding are:

1. Image– Yes, looks aren’t everything but it really does help. A quality design helps but your image is not all about design but it’s about the perception the public has about your brand. This is where quality pr marketing comes into play.  All aspects of your business will go into creating a good image, your employees, your product, and even the news about your business. Just make sure it’s good and it will pay off.

2. Trust– Trust and image complement each other. As the public grows to trust your brand it will create a quality image of how your business is perceived. Trust is established when customers are satisfied when the product you offer delivers what it claimed to deliver. If the product goes above and beyond the customers’ expectations that’s even better, because word of mouth marketing will be stimulated. Businesses that lie to gain customers will soon discover this trust broken. Be honest in what you offer and how you present it, you will lose the trust of the public if you don’t. And if you’re looking for a reputable PR firm, check out this public relations abu dhabi review.

3. Consistency– Consistency is important when it comes to branding because it’s important that people don’t forget about you. When customers forget about you the relationship starts to diminish. Imagine dating someone and you just decided to never contact them again, the relationship would suffer and eventually die. This same principle applies with marketing and branding. This is where it can be beneficial to offer more innovative and new products. While offering these products it will give you a great reason to contact your past clients. Offering newer sales or discounts gives you another great reason to contact your past clients. All of these tactics need to be consistent but not overbearing. BrandThunder offers a product that will deliver image consistency, just by having a branded themed browser, this will remind your clients you exist often, every time they log on. It’s vital that you figure out areas on which you can improve your consistency; this will build long lasting relationships with a residual income next to it.

As you develop successful relationships with your brand, you will discover that your base of customers will grow. It will become more difficult to satisfy a larger base.  If you work hard and understand the worth of each customer, it will all work out. If you’re struggling, maybe consider hiring a professional brand development agency. Just remember the importance of having a successful relationship with each customer.

What are some of the methods you use to establish a quality brand relationship with each customer?

Author Bio:

Aubrey Phelps is currently an account manager at, her background experience includes four years of SEO experience and two years of online PR experience.

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  1. Yeah I agree with you. Brand development is not relying on growth of company but it is more than build healthy relations with our potential customers. Three factors you defined to do efficient branding are really helpful for me. Certainly to be successful we have to build trustful relations with customers. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article. Good work, Keep it up.

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