The London Summer Olympic games are right around the corner and our “Theme of the Week” pays tribute to the United States Olympic team with the “Team USA Olympics 2012” browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This brilliant theme displays the creative 2012 London Olympics logo sandwiched between two American flags towards the upper right hand corner of your theme. The white background provides a nice backdrop for the logo and flags and gives USA Olympic fans a simple way to show their pride throughout the entire London Olympic games. Not from the USA? That’s OK, you can create your own browser theme paying tribute to your country during the 2012 Olympic games.

Team USA Olympics Browser Theme

Team USA London Olympics Theme
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Splash of Summer

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Wild Flowers Browser

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Watch the Sunset Theme

Lisa Simpsons Theme

Lisa Simpson Theme

What a Beautiful Day

What a Beautiful Day Browser

Nurul Pinky Theme

Nurul Pinky theme

Thanks to all the designers and browser theme fans for such great submissions this week and every week. If you’d like to get in on the action and submit your browser theme to be considered, use our free browser theme tool to create your own theme and then submit it to our gallery for consideration.

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