windows 8 themes postThe new Windows 8 operating system has been released to the public, completing a pretty drastic overhaul of what has been a classic look for the company. As more people use smartphones and tablets, Windows tailored its new operating system to reflect and embrace the changing media landscape.

Better yet, devices that utilize Windows 8 will now be better connected, thanks to native support for USB 3.0 devices and support for near field communication. These features allow for faster data transfers and easier communication between devices, which should facilitate more sharing between all Windows 8 products.

But the dedication to a true change in design is evident in this new operating system. With Windows 8, Microsoft has aimed to create a simple, sleek solution that will be as hip as it is functional.

There are already so many kinds of Windows 8 themes out there that take advantage of the system’s enhanced visuals. As you get your new OS, be sure to grab a new theme, too.


zombies windows8

With Halloween here, what better way to celebrate the holiday than filling your computer with a horde of zombies? This theme contains ten backgrounds, some of which come from popular video games and movies.

Kim Kardashian

kim kardashian - windows 8

She’s a polarizing celebrity, that’s for sure, but Kim Kardashian remains immensely popular nonetheless. This Windows 8 theme pack comes with ten backgrounds, giving you as much of this socialite as you can handle.


CityScapes Panoramic Theme

From Hong Kong to Vancouver, you can bring some of the world’s most beautiful skylines to your computer. Best of all, these beautiful panoramic images are designed to stretch across dual monitors.

Motivational Quotes

motivationalquotes-windows 8

We all need that extra push, sometimes. With these motivational Windows 8 themes, you’ll be focused and ready to take on anything.

Atlanta Falcons


The Falcons are currently sitting atop the NFL as, arguably, the league’s best team. If you’re a rabid fan, now is the time to show your pride with a Windows 8 theme.

Dark Skies

Dark skies windows 8

With it being Halloween season and the fact that the East Coast has been slammed by Hurricane Sandy, these dark sky Windows 8 themes seem like a perfect complement to the world right about now.

Cute Christmas Puppy


The puppy in this Windows 8 theme is already prepared for Christmas. Are you?

Autumn Bounty

Autumn Bounty theme Windows 8

With autumn in full swing, many people are turning their attention to Thanksgiving. It’s a time to be thankful, but let’s face it: it’s also a time to eat great food. This Windows theme pack captures both of those things perfectly.

Windows 8 Theme Sites

Looking for a different Windows 8 theme? Find plenty more of them here:

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