Social Wallpapering WallpapersWallpaper websites are some of the most popular websites on the Internet. People love customizing their desktop with beautiful photos of nature, pattered designs, shots of the galaxy, their favorite celebrity or just a simple colored background. It helps us make our laptop or desktop “ours”, and allows us to dress up a typically bland default desktop wallpaper provided by the computer creator. We know that many of our browser theme fans LOVE wallpapers and wallpaper fans are typically drawn to our browser theme gallery to dress up their favorite browser. In fact, some of our browser themes can be converted to wallpapers.

While you can use some of the other default wallpaper backgrounds provided by your Mac or PC, the best wallpapers are available on a number of top wallpapers sites across the web. One of those top wallpaper sites is “Social Wallpapering” or Social Wallpapering is the creation of Internet Entrepreneur, Kirk Ouimet. Kirk is a true entrepreneur on the web with a number of community-driven websites to his name. Kirk’s specialties include simplifying the user experience, helping people visualize and understand complex data, and building and promoting community-driven sites. Kirk is currently a student at Brigham Young University studying Information System.

In addition to, Kirk has created and runs several other websites in the industry including:

▪ – A website that helps you create QR Codes
▪ – A collection of network tools including a visual trace route tool displaying the path Internet packets traverse to reach a specified destination. Plus many more.
▪ – Helps you to quickly create compliant forms for your website.

Social Wallpapering – Wallpapers uses a very simple “up and down” arrow voting model to determine the best wallpapers on the site. Wallpaper creators can easily upload their designs and users vote up their favorites and vote down their least favorites. After creating an account, you can save any of the wallpaper designs you like to your “favorites” and have a nice list to refer to when you want to update your wallpaper.

The best part about the entire wallpaper experience at is that everything is very fast. Creating an account takes just a few seconds and you’re logged in immediately to start voting and finding the best wallpapers for your computer. Navigating through to different pages of wallpapers is seamless and efficient. Often times with wallpaper sites, your computer will take forever to load with so many images. With Social Wallpapering, browsing through pages of beautiful wallpapers is a breeze and frankly, enjoyable.

Not convinced on Social Wallpapering? Don’t just take our word for it. Social Wallpapering was featured as a top 5 wallpaper site on Lifehacker. Lifehacker proclaims:

“If you’re looking for a site where you can not only find fresh wallpaper but participate in helping your fellow wallpaper lovers find the best images, Social Wallpapering is a solid choice.”

Congrats to Kirk on and the amazing gallery of wallpapers there. The designs are simply amazing and the ease of use while on the site makes browsing through different wallpapers a delight. Visit

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