Is your favorite baseball team’s season in the dumps? Did a season that began with so much promise already turn into a frightening display of frustration?

For fans of the following six teams, these are the seasons that truly test your resolve, allowing you to earn your stripes as a true supporter of the team. And what better way to show your pride with the struggling team of yours than by downloading a browser theme? Now, after every gut-wrenching loss, after every error and display of poor offense, you will be able to hold your head high knowing you were with the team even when things couldn’t have seemed bleaker. Show your true “fanhood” to the bandwagon fans next year.

With that being said, check out the browser themes for six of baseball’s current struggling franchises:

Minnesota Twins

Minnesota Twins Theme

It’s been a tough year for the normally solid Twins, so this is an opportunity to see how many fans stick around on the rare occasion that this team has a bad year.

Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners

It feels like Ichiro Suzuki has been on this team forever, which, coincidentally, is how long it has felt since the team was relevant in the AL West. With the Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim leading the division, Mariners fans have to be feeling as dreary as the Seattle weather itself.

Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs

The Cubs have been called the “lovable losers” in the past, but when will it get to a point where fans will get sick of it? Will they even know what to do when the team finally does win? True Cubs fans know that there are better days ahead and will stick with the team through thick and thin. Go Cubbies!

San Diego Padres

San Diego Padres Theme

The Padres are locked in a battle with the Cubs to determine the worst team in baseball, which is always something, right? We know that next year the Padres will be much better, so make sure your bandwagon friends know that you were with them even through the tough times.

Philadelphia Phillies

Philly Phillies

Plenty of people get satisfaction from watching teams with bloated payrolls sit in last place, but Phillies fans sure aren’t enjoying themselves these days. For a team that was slated to be a World Series contender, its struggles are especially frustrating.

Boston Red Sox

Boston Red Sox Firefox, Chrome, IE

This is perhaps the most disappointing team of all in 2012. With new manager Bobby Valentine, hardly anyone expected the Red Sox to be sitting in last place in the middle of June. While the team has more invested money sitting on the disabled list than some teams have in their entire payroll, it seems like this could be a long year for Boston.

There you have it – six teams that are really testing the will of their respective fan bases. Downloading any of these browser themes for Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer is a sure way to not only prove your fandom during a tough season, but to help you remember why you love the game in the first place.

And if you’re a fan lucky enough to be rooting for a good team this season, be sure to check out all of Brand Thunder’s official MLB browser themes.

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