If you’re a professional basketball fan, this is the best time of the year. With the NBA playoffs in full swing, there is a nightly barrage of great basketball to be seen. And if your favorite team is in the tournament, you’re enjoying it even more (as long as that team happens to be winning).

With easy access to updated scores, team news and more, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without an NBA browser theme from Brand Thunder. Our NBA interactive personas are available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, so everyone can join in on the basketball fandom! Each theme comes equipped with the latest team news, scores, highlights and quick links to the team’s social media sites. Never miss a beat and stay connected with your favorite NBA playoff team this Spring.

Here are just a few of the NBA browser themes we have for this year’s crop of playoff participants:

Orlando Magic

Orlando Magic NBA Theme

The Orlando Magic may be without center Dwight Howard for the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean the team is going to just give up. They’ve got plenty of fight and you need to show your support. Get all the latest news and game updates with this interactive persona.

Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers NBA Theme

With the injury to Derrick Rose, the Philadelphia 76ers stand a real chance to move on in this year’s playoffs. This team has some great young pieces and they’re fun to watch, so jump on the bandwagon!

San Antonio Spurs

San Antonio Spurs NBA Theme

The Spurs are the top team in the West, but can they avoid another playoff disappointment? Led by the seemingly ageless Tim Duncan, the Spurs are loaded and ready to make another deep run to the Finals. Spurs fans – keep up on all the latest playoff news with this interactive persona!

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks Theme

The Atalanta Hawks are in the playoffs it seems every year but aren’t quite able to make it to the Finals. Maybe this year will be their year to take the Championship back to Atlanta.

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin Browser Theme

He may be injured, but Jeremy Lin – remember him? – is looking to make a comeback for the New York Knicks’ playoff run. And in their match-up against the Miami Heat, it seems that the Knicks could use him. If you’re a Jeremy Lin (or just a Knicks) fan, it’s essential that you install this theme.

More NBA Browser Themes

Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavs

Sacramento Kings

Sacramento Kings NBA Theme

Basketball Interactive Persona

Basketball Theme

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