For over 4 years, Brand Thunder has been creating browser themes for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. In those years, one thing we’ve noticed is that a number of browser theme fans love simple one-color themes. Some of the most popular themes in our gallery are simple background colors added to the browser including Black Themes or Dark Colored Themes. While the darker color themes can highlight the top of the browser and browser buttons very well, many people want to have a bright and fresh look to their browser with a splash of color. In this post we’ll feature some of the more popular Pink Chrome Themes that theme fans love. These themes either have a total Pink background color or hints of Pink within the overall design of the Chrome Theme. Here are our picks for the best Pink Google Chrome themes:

Default Pink Chrome Theme

Default Pink Chrome Theme

This is the default Pink theme for Google Chrome. A simple theme with a bright pink strip across the top of the browser. This is a great theme for classic Chrome users and for people who just want a nice simple pink theme to spice up their browser.

Sakura Pink Chrome Theme

Sakura Theme for Chrome

This Sakura Theme for Google Chrome features a lighter pink color and splashes of pink watercolor in the background. Various shades of pink spice up this theme and provider a lighter background for themers that want a less obtrusive pink theme.

Pink Flower Theme

Pink Flower Theme

As the name suggests, this Pink Flower theme is a fun skin for Chrome with “cartoonish” flowers scattered around the background. This is a fun theme for Spring and Summer or any time of year and provides a nice simple design for your background.

Hello Kitty Pink

Hello Kitty Pink Chrome Theme

Hello Kitty is one of the most popular themes for Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer consistently. The fictional character is a world recognized brand for many years and it’s no surprise that there are literally thousands of browser themes dedicated to Hello Kitty. This theme features the Hello Kitty logo with a darker pink background and almost red colors on the sides. The top of the theme is a brilliant pink color.

Pink Blossom Chrome Theme

Pink Blossom Theme for Chrome

A Pink Blossom Chrome Theme provides fans of the color pink with a dash of the color on a beautiful flower indicating the emergence of Spring. In this theme, the Chrome tabs are a pink color reflecting the color of the blossom. This is just a dazzling image and one you’ll be proud to wear on your Chrome browser.

Angel the Mudskipper Pink Theme

Angel Mudskipper Pink theme

The Angel and Mudskipper theme is a loveable theme for the fictional characters. A wide array of pink colors grace the theme from the background image to the pink hearts that Angel and Mudskipper are sitting on. Some bright stars help make this theme shine on your Chrome browser.

Pink Floyd – The Wall Chrome Theme

Pink Floyd Chrome ThemeWhile this isn’t technically a Pink theme for Chrome, this is a theme dedicated to one of the most popular bands in the history of rock and roll, Pink Floyd. This theme features their legendary album and animated musical film, “The Wall”, and provides a tribute to showcase on your Chrome browser for Pink Floyd super fans. – “You can’t eat your pudding if you don’t eat your meat”

More Pink Chrome Themes

These are just a sampling of some of the best Pink themes from across the Internet. Here is a listing of some other websites you might find your favorite Pink Theme for Chrome:

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