Autumn ThemesThose treasured days of summer are officially over as we welcome the autumn season, with all of its chilly air and occasional rainy days. As the weather starts to change (is there anything better than hoodie season?), so too should your Google Chrome theme.

Popular Chrome themes change with regularity, but at this time of the year, many of them have a specific look and feel. If you’re the kind of person who loves this season, you’ll be pleased to know there are an endless number of great themes for autumn. Of course, these range in everything from vivid colors and fall-related foliage to popular sports and entertainment themes.

If you’re in need of a change, there are plenty of great themes out there for you. Take a look below at just a few of the top Chrome themes for the start of the fall season:

Autumn Chrome Theme

Autumn Chrome Theme

This is the quintessential Chrome theme for the autumn season. It perfectly conveys the contrasting weather and vivid colors that exist this time of year, while having an almost soothing quality about it.

Raindrops Chrome

Rain Drops Chrome Theme

This season is certainly not without its days of rain, but what could be better than staying in on a cold, rainy night? This hot Chrome theme hopes to put you in a good mood with that thought in mind.

Emma Watson Chrome Theme

Emma Watson Chrome Theme

With her new film, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, being released, themes centered on Emma Watson continue to be some of the most popular Chrome themes out there.

Christmas Lights Theme for Google Chrome

Christmas Lights Chrome Theme

Even as autumn is just getting started, it is hard for many people to not look ahead to a winter holiday as big as Christmas. This particular Christmas Chrome theme is a little different, though – it’s full of retro lights that make it a fit for just about any season.

Pine Wood Theme

pine wood Chrome Theme

The light pine wood background of this popular Chrome theme offers a perfectly reserved atmosphere for fall, while a subtle gradient and pattern on the toolbar adds a little extra element to it.

Dark Atmosphere

Dark Atmosphere Chrome

Fall is a great time to choose a darker theme for your browser, with this particular one accented by an array of blurred lights.

Baltimore Orioles Chrome Theme

Baltimore Orioles Chrome Theme

For the first time since 1997, the Baltimore Orioles are going to the playoffs! In other words, O’s fans have plenty of reasons to be celebrating, making this one of the best Google Chrome themes for October. Best of all, this theme gives you the breaking news and updates you need as the team makes its run at a World Series championship. For other teams, check out the full gallery.

These, of course, are just a few of the best Chrome themes available this season. Be sure to check out Brand Thunder’s Chrome library, along with the Chrome web store’s collection of trending themes , for plenty of other options.

What is your favorite Fall or Autumn theme?


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