One of the best aspects of the Firefox browser is its ability to handle a wide variety of custom themes and background images, allowing users to truly make it their own. However, with so many theme options, it’s often hard to stick with just one, especially when it comes to Firefox Personas (also called background themes).

Many users want the ability to switch between different Personas and themes, which has always been possible, but not without jumping through a few hoops. The process of switching between installed themes on Firefox has always been a bit of a hassle, and a new Firefox add-on aims to take care of that.

Introducing a New Persona Switcher Add-on

Persona Switcher is a Firefox add-on that allows you to easily switch between your background themes directly in the browser, without having to restart it or go through too many steps.

The process is made easier by including an easy-to-find option in the Tools menu of your browser or by learning any of the shortcuts that go along with the add-on.

Firefox Personas Switcher Add-on
Firefox Personas Switcher Add-on

According to the Persona Switcher add-on developer

Persona switcher adds a submenu to “Tools” that allows you to quickly switch between Personas. It also adds three user-definable key combinations: Control-Alt-D to reset to the Default, Control-Alt-S to rotate through your Personas, and Control-Alt-A to start switching between them on an on-going basis.


Brand Thunder’s Personas Interactive

Before the Persona Switcher, though, Brand Thunder had developed a browser theme add-on on its own, calling it Personas Interactive, complete with even more options and extras.

Background themes insert images into your browser and will change the graphics, but will not alter buttons and other static elements of the page. They’re a fun way to spruce up your browser and Brand Thunder’s Personas Interactive easily lets you handle multiple background themes.

To learn more about how you can get Personas Interactive – giving your browser a fusion of design, content and functionality – check out the full write-up here. If you’re looking for additional Personas and want to surf the gallery, check out the full suite in the Firefox Persona Gallery.

As for which tool or add-on to use for your themes or Personas? Obviously we are bias but hopefully you have enough information to choose between Persona Switcher or Brand Thunder’s Personas Interactive.

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