When it comes to celebrations, none top Independence Day in the United States. From cookouts and parties to fireworks and more, Americans take the Fourth of July seriously. It’s a colorful, patriotic event, so it seems only fitting to celebrate the holiday with a new browser theme.

There are a wide variety of Fourth of July themes out there, with each one showcasing the patriotism that goes along with the holiday. Whether you have Firefox, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome, you are sure to find a theme that fits your style.

Here are a few of the best browser themes for Independence Day (July 4th) this year:

Official Independence Day Theme

July 4th Theme - Firefox, IE

Fireworks fanatics will love this Fourth of July theme, especially when given quick access to favorite sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Even better, this theme provides users with a video sidebar that gives you all of the top news and features on America’s big day.

Available for Firefox, this is an Independence Day theme that perfectly embodies the holiday. It’s full of bright, colorful celebrations and symbols that the United States holds so dear.

Patriotic July 4th Theme


Honor the men and women serving in the military with this theme, which provides you with plenty of links to sites that give back to the country’s military personnel. Available for Firefox or Internet Explorer.

USA Flag Flying Proud

USA Browser Theme

Firefox and Internet Explorer users will get to download this great Independence Day theme. There is certainly something powerful about the American flag, and coupled with this display of fireworks, users are able to celebrate the Fourth of July in a classy way.

Never Forget Theme

Never Forget the USA Theme

The Fourth of July is about remembering the sacrifices of so many as much as it is about celebrating the country’s independence. This more subdued theme , complete with striking images of the bald eagle, is perfect for remembering why we are able to celebrate the Fourth of July in the first place.

July 4th Fireworks Chrome Theme

Chrome Theme Fireworks

What do people typically like most about the Fourth of July? Fireworks! This Google Chrome theme celebrates the love of these bright, mesmerizing pyrotechnic displays that will be taking place all over the United States.

USA Bald Eagle Chrome Theme

USA Bald Eagle Theme

USA! USA! USA! It doesn’t get much more patriotic than this Independence Day theme. Let your patriotism soar with this epic display of American symbols.

Like the ideals the United States was founded on, there are endless ways to celebrate your patriotism using browser themes. With these Fourth of July themes for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome, you are sure to find the perfect way to celebrate your American pride.

Have another United States browser theme that you like? Let us know what it is or create your own and submit it to our gallery.

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