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Even with the popularity of the iPhone and Android devices, it should be noted that BlackBerry was the original smartphone, first released in 1999. Like other smartphones, BlackBerry users can completely customize the look of the phone through a wide variety of skins and themes. There are numerous sites that compile the best BlackBerry themes, and we at Brand Thunder have put together a list of our own favorites.

Take a look below at some of the best paid and free BlackBerry themes out there. We think we’ve included a little something for everyone:

The Simpsons

The Simpsons Blackberry Theme

What could be better than a theme dedicated to everyone’s favorite family? The Simpsons have been on TV for well over 20 years, meaning just about everybody at some point in time has enjoyed Homer’s antics. This colorful theme is perfect for the biggest fan of the show or someone just discovering it.

FC Barcelona Theme

FC Barcelona Blackberry Theme

Soccer (or football, depending on whom you are talking to) fans are particularly rabid about their favorite teams, making these types of BlackBerry themes especially popular. This theme fits a BlackBerry 9800, but there are themes available for every version.

Comic Blackberry Theme

Comic Blackberry Theme

Made by themeArt  and full of color and characters, this is a fun BlackBerry theme for any comic fan. With artwork that is reminiscent of your favorite comics, you’ll always enjoy the look and feel of this theme (plus, you can test your knowledge by trying to name all of the characters included).

Go USA for Blackberrys

Go USA for Blackberry

The Olympics are over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support your country year-round. Show your pride for the United States (there is a wide variety of other countries available as well here with this patriotic BlackBerry theme. Think of this as a way to get pumped for the next Olympic Games.

Koala Blackberry Theme

Koala Blackberry Theme

Sometimes the best BlackBerry themes are pretty simple, like this outrageously cute Koala theme. With its pink color and adorable Koala character, this is a BlackBerry theme that is sure to make you smile.

Aerial for Blackberrys

Aerial Blackberry Skin

Other BlackBerry themes have a simple, professional look to them, like this one from Elecite . It provides a gorgeous background of the sky, along with custom icons, smooth performance, three interface modes, pixel perfect design, and much more.

These are just a few of our favorite BlackBerry themes, but there are literally thousands of others out there, spanning everything from sports to outer space. Whatever your interest, there’s a BlackBerry theme out there for you.

Top Blackberry Theme Websites

If you’re looking for even more themes for your Blackberry, check out these top sites that have hundreds of themes to choose from:

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