Two members of the Brand Thunder community are enjoying their Nexus 7 from Google this holiday season. It was easy to win. (ALERT: Make sure you read to the end of the post to see what’s in store for you to win next year!)

Juliana enjoys her first holiday gift!

We were happy to share the joy with the winners of our Pop Culture Theme Contest.

Most Popular Theme winner Juliana (pictured right) only entered because she thought it’d be a fun gift for her husband – never anticipating that she’d walk away with first prize! It takes some hustle to win in the popularity category and the effort paid off. Congrats! (And hopefully we didn’t spoil the surprise.)

Best Design Theme winner MaDonna is already putting her Nexus 7 to work in her digital studio (pictured below). Any fan of browser themes and wallpapers had to be celebrating as much as MaDonna on winning. She’s a wonderful member of the design community and openly shares some beautiful work across a number of web sites. Great to see it enjoyed as it was well earned. (And look at the monitor in the pic. She’s building another theme with BT:Engage!)

Coffee break from work with my Nexus 7 (Medium)
MaDonna at work with new Nexus 7


Your Chance is Coming

We’re making it easier to win as a little thank you to our active community. Here’s what we’re thinking.

Brand Thunder is the OFFICIAL browser theme creator for some of the best and most loved brands around. (Yes, the business types here say “brands” but those are all the sports teams, entertainers, colleges, universities and things you love.) What does working with all those great brands mean?

It means when we talk with those folks, it’s easy enough for us to get some swag and then it’s even easier to give it back to our community. An autographed item here, an official product there. Who better to appreciate all those goodies than you, the loyal community of Brand Thunder.

2013 – It’s Official

We’re starting the year off with a 12-month giveaway program of the official items that come through our offices, are available from our partners and can be shared with our community. (Sorry, that Tesla you saw us with was only test drive vehicle. We had to give that back.) The prizes may be smaller, but they can be just as much fun. Stay tuned!

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