As usual, we had quite a number of themes that qualified to be the “theme of the week” this week, but one stood out from the rest because of the natural timing of the theme. The “New Year 2013” browser theme is our choice for the theme of the week this week since after all, it is the start of the New Year this evening! As we look back at 2012, we are thankful for the many browser theme fans that have provided us such positive feedback and loyalty with our new theme developments. 2012 was truly a banner year as we added thousands of new browser themes both from our own efforts but also from our fans. Our theme creator tool,, has spawned a wealth of beautifully designed themes as well as passionate designers and users. We couldn’t be here without our fans and theme creators and for that, we wish you all a very Happy New Year! Cheers to you in 2013, may it bring you much success and happiness!

New Year 2013

New Years 2013 browser theme

Theme “Runner Ups”

Tattoo Woman

Tattoo Woman Thene

Star Wars Theme

Star Wars Theme

Woman with Purple Veil

Woman with Purple Veil Theme

Tiberium Wars

Tiberium wars browser theme

Calico Kitten Theme

Calico Kitten browser theme

I Was a Teenage Warewolf

I was a teenage Warewolf theme

Sparkle of Snowflakes on Pine

Sparkle of Snowflakes on Pine

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