Firefox updates are not always known for their wealth of new options and features. However, with the release of Firefox 13, users are treated to plenty of new design and functionality features that are sure to be welcomed with open arms.

Firefox 13 Features

In an attempt to keep up with the popularity of Google Chrome, Firefox has developed some new key features, including:

  • A new start page to the browser, which is full of easily accessible options such as your bookmarks, downloads, add-ons and more
  • An overhauled way of restoring one’s previous browsing session and all of the included tabs, saving you from pulling your hair out should Firefox crash
  • A new “tabs” page which, like Google Chrome, allows you to quickly access your most-visited sites

With the release of this update comes a variety of Firefox 13 themes that will look great in your new browser. Brand Thunder has a vast library of Firefox themes that will fit the update’s sleek, new design and give you a great-looking browser. These top-of-the-line themes give you everything: instant access to your favorite sports teams, social media accessibility, news features, videos, and so much more.

Firefox 13 Themes

Here are just a few of the top themes for Firefox 13:

New York Yankees Firefox Theme

Yankees for Firefox

The Yankees are the most popular sports franchise in the United States, so what better way to celebrate the team than with a browser theme that provides breaking news, scores, contests and more? This is the official Yankees theme from Major League Baseball, which means it doesn’t get much better than this. Brand Thunder also carries browser themes for the 29 other teams in MLB, which can be found here. This theme is Firefox 13 compatible along with older versions of Firefox.

Independence Day – July 4th Firefox

July 4th Firefox 13

Bring the 4th of July celebration right to your computer with this colorful theme compatible with Firefox 13. It offers quick access to your favorite social media sites and a video sidebar that gives you all of the top news on the United States’ most important day.

Abstract Art Interactive Persona

Abstract Art

This blue and green art display is a great addition to your summer browsing on Firefox. Enjoy this popular theme by utilizing its social media and video features.

Fish-Filled Aquarium Interactive Persona

Fish Firefox 13

Love fish? This is the Firefox 13 theme for you, as it beautifully depicts a wide array of ocean life in your browser. Bring your home aquarium to life in your browser with bright colorful fish, coral and other under water fun.

3D Dragon for Firefox

3D Dragon

Give yourself something different with this 3D view of your Internet. Easy access to all of your favorite sites and a video sidebar are ideal features, as long as you can prevent yourself from being put in a trance by the 3D dragon in your browser. This is the first 3D browser theme available for Firefox. Get your 3D glasses!

Huffington Post Interactive Persona

Huffington Post Firefox

The Huffington Post is one of the most popular news sources on the Internet, and this interactive persona gives you instant access to your favorite sections, from politics and entertainment to news, sports and more. The Twitter sidebar also gives you all of the latest news right as it happens. If you are a serious HuffPo fan, this Firefox 13 theme is a must-have.

CollegeHumor Interactive Persona

College Humor Theme

When you need a comedy fix, you know you don’t want to wait to take care of it. With the CollegeHumor browser theme, you’ll never have to. Get all of the latest videos and features from the site directly onto your browser and be ready to wonder how you spent an entire day not doing any work whatsoever.

More Firefox 13 Skins

Maybe these Firefox 13 themes aren’t for you. Not to worry, there is a wealth of additional themes available in the Firefox gallery:

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