Mozilla Persona Login ScreenThe idea of having to create a new account on almost every site you visit can be a daunting one. For one, you have to manage all of those usernames and passwords, often having to put in that information every single time you visit. Secondly, many people are justifiably turned off by the idea that some sites will store and sell your personal information to other sites, advertisers and social networks.

Those reasons and more have left people tired of the same sign-in systems that exist on the sites they visit. Mozilla decided it was time to make a change, which is why they have introduced Persona.

What Does Mozilla Persona Do?

Persona is a new kind of digital persona/password manager that aims to improve the way you sign in to websites by allowing you to use an email address of your choice. It’s just that simple. Rather than creating a new username and password for every site, you can simply click the “sign in” button located in your browser, enter your preferred email address and be ready to go.

More importantly, Mozilla Persona keeps your private information just that – private. It allows you, and only you, to control how your personal information is used on the Internet. You can add more information to Persona beyond just an email address, but that’s entirely up to you.

Mozilla’s new Persona feature truly is a win-win for both visitors and site owners, because users will appreciate being able to use a trusted sign-in option, and it only takes a few lines of code to install.

It should be noted that Mozilla Persona is different from Brand Thunder’s Personas Interactive extension, which gives Firefox users more flexibility and creative control when it comes to their browser themes.

But they do share something in common: both are must-haves for the Firefox community.

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