Is Apple’s Safari browser on the iPad a “pretty miserable experience” for you? If so, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re part of a growing number of people who are disenchanted with the fact that Safari is currently your only big-name browser option within the iPad.

That may be changing, though. Users have wanted an actual official Firefox iPad browser for quite some time – which can’t happen because of restrictions on third-party browsers – but that doesn’t mean something similar isn’t on the horizon.

Mozilla’s Alex Limi, owner of the quote above, explained in a recent presentation that Mozilla is developing an alternative Webkit-based browser named “Junior.”

iPad Junior Browser
iPad Junior Browser

The design is simple enough, offering a full-screen view of content at all times. The address bar, along with options for bookmarks and recent pages, is contained on a second screen. Other typical options you would find on a browser will be included on this second screen as well. The only options available on the main screen will be a simple back button and a plus symbol that takes users to the second page of options.

The idea is that Junior will make full use of the tablet size and its goals, which is to provide a fast and easy browsing experience. It aims to take out the task of managing tabs by making one’s favorite sites and five most recently-visited pages easily accessible with the swipe of a finger.

By creating a touch-friendly Firefox iPad browser, Mozilla is attempting to take out the numerous controls that usually come with a web browser. While it is just a prototype, it certainly appears to be a good start. Additional browsing options are never a bad thing, especially in the tablet world. What are your thoughts on this latest development for the iPad browser market?

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