This week’s browser “theme of the week” comes from theme designer “Gambat” and his “Monster Mummy” creation. Gambat uses a dark blue and purple background on the left hand side of the theme and slowly fades in some lighter blues along with some lightning to help accentuate the Monster Mummy creation he has added to the background. The Monster Mummy is an impressive design of what you might expect from something with this theme title. A gruesome and evil mummy is ripping out of his garb biting down on the chains that bind him. The rotting teeth and evil lightning eyes cap off a brilliantly designed browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Nice work Gambat!

Monster Mummy Theme

Monster Mummy browser theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Mozilla Firefox “Fox” Theme

Mozilla Firefox Fox theme

Ripple in the Water

Ripple in the Water browser theme

Wolf Howling at the Full Moon

Wolf howling at full moon theme

Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon's Dogma Theme

Ninja Gaiden 3 Theme

Ninja Gaiden 3 Theme

The Expandables Theme

The Expandables browser theme

The Boss: Bruce Springsteen

The boss Bruce Springsteen Theme

Lion Family Theme

Lion family theme

Cat Green Eyes Theme

Cat green eyes theme

Create the “Theme of the Week”

Themes showcased today for the “Theme of the Week”, were created for free using our browser theme creator tool. Thousands of browser theme fans from around the world have already used this tool to create and distribute their own designs to other fans from around the world. Each week we display some of the best designs of the week and promote the theme on our blog, Facebook page, Twitter followers and across the web. Get started and create your own theme and submit to our gallery to be considered as the ultimate theme for the week.

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