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Clipix – Organize Your Life

We often like to feature great ideas and web-based creations with our readers and Clipix is something that sparked our interest.

With as much time as we all spend on the Internet, it’s inevitable that we find multiple sites that interest us each time we poke around the Web. And in our web-surfing mindsets, we often choose to save those pages as bookmarks in order to return to them later.

But that rarely happens, doesn’t it? We begin to save so many bookmarks that the menu bar and bookmarks folder immediately get cluttered and we forget most of the links we saved in the first place. And a lot of them are duplicate links to boot.

That’s where Clipix comes in.

With a clean interface and easy organizational options, Clipix users no longer have to worry about getting lost in the rabbit hole of bookmarking. Essentially, you create customizable clipboards that allow you to easily store and organize your bookmarks and, unless you create what is called a Syncboard, all of your clipboards remain private.

When you find a page on the Internet that you want to save, simply click on the “Clip” button (which you can drag to your bookmarks bar) and save it to one of your clipboards. You can create as many clipboards as you want with any kind of name and in any kind of order; Clipix gives you the ability to not only organize your bookmarks, but to organize your life.

Many people choose to bookmark items they’d like to buy, but those pages often get lost in the fray. With that in mind, one of the best features of Clipix is Price Drop, which not only lets you save an individual item, but will notify you when the price has actually lowered on it.

Bookmarking is a great feature of web browsers – it’s just too easy for us to go overboard. If you ever want to make use of the websites you save and begin organizing your online life, be sure to check out Clipix.

Clipix Video

Check out this quick video overview of Clipix:

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