Chrome Personas ArticleFirefox users are likely familiar with the concept of both Personas and themes. When looking to customize the browser, they can choose between either one of those options, with each one having its own set of features.

With that in mind, Google Chrome users who have come over from Firefox might be looking for Chrome Personas, much like the ones offered by Firefox. Unfortunately, they might be disappointed to find out that the term “personas”, like the ones found in Firefox, do not exist for Chrome. Chrome simply calls personas….themes.

But What Exactly is the Difference Between Browser Themes and Personas?

Essentially, the difference between a browser theme and a persona simply comes down to the features between the two. For example, in a persona, some elements will not be customized. The buttons remain the same and in the majority of personas, only the background image will change when it is activated.

Speaking of activation, a great quality of a persona is the ability to add it to your browser without having to restart. Therefore, if you have a number of tabs and windows open, you won’t have to close them in order to activate your persona.

The key here is that it can change the look of your browser, but it’s not a complete overhaul. A persona is a great option for a user who wants to at least retain a little of the browser’s original look.

On the other hand, a browser theme can change just about everything, from the buttons and toolbars to the overall look and feel. Just about every element of your browser can be altered with a theme. Obviously, with so much involved in a Chrome theme, users will have to download the theme, activate it, and then restart the browser for it to work.

So if you are looking for Google Chrome Personas and are saddened to find out they don’t exist, don’t fret. The “Personas” term may not exist in Chrome, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t available. They are simply called “themes” in an all-encompassing move on Google’s part. That means Chrome offers full themes, but the browser also provides themes of varying depth in order to give users what would be called a persona in Firefox.

In other words, Chrome personas do not technically exist in name, they just call Personas….themes.

Looking for Chrome Themes That Operate Just Like Personas?

There are certainly simple Google Chrome themes that closely resemble the look of a Firefox persona. However, the best part about themes for Chrome is their ability to completely customize every aspect of the browser, even changing the way you use the Internet.

Chrome Personas Gallery

But no matter your interest, there is a Chrome theme out there for you. Search through Brand Thunder’s vast – and ever-expanding – Google Chrome themes gallery or check out some of our other favorite theme sites below and find a persona that suits you today.

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