Customizing web browsersMost of us use the Internet every single day. And most of us do so using one of the three most popular browsers out there: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Each one comes with a host of features and desirable qualities; many times, choosing a browser to use comes down to one’s personal preference, so can choose from this top-notch wordpress hosting plans.

But when you stare at the same screen every single day, it can get tedious. If your job requires you to be on the Internet a lot (or you just simply love browsing), why not add a little bit of fun to it and personalize your web browser?

Customize Web Browsers

A custom web browser is one of the best ways to bring a little bit of life to your online experience. It can contain literally anything you want – images of your favorite musicians, your favorite sports team’s logo, scenes of nature and space, holiday decorations, etc. The list goes on and on, but you probably get the idea.

Getting a customized web browser is tremendously easy. Brand Thunder alone has a huge gallery of Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome web browser themes, and they can be installed in three easy steps:

How to Customize:

1) Select a Theme: This is the toughest step of all – selecting a browser theme. With so many options, you’re bound to have a few favorites (but the good news is you can change themes whenever you want).

2) Download/Install Browser Theme: Once you have selected your customized web browser theme, you’ll need to download it. Once the theme has downloaded, you will be directed to a quick Installer Setup screen. When the theme is finished installing, you may need to restart the browser. Each browser has a different installation process whether you are on Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Install Your Browser Theme
Install Your Browser Theme

3) Show-off Your Browser Theme: Your new browser theme is ready for use! Your newly-customized web browser is now full of life and offers you plenty of other features, from easy access to tickets for events to the latest news on your favorite sports teams, musicians and more.

Personalize Your Web Browser with Your Own Custom Theme

There are obviously many kinds of browser themes out there, but maybe you still haven’t found the perfect one after a long and harrowing search. With BT:Engage, making your own browser theme is fun and easy.

Create your own custom Firefox themes and Internet Explorer themes in a matter of minutes:

1) Create Account: First, you will want to create your own BT:Engage account. It’s free.

browser theme creator
Theme Creator

2) Choose Background: You can upload your own images or choose from a selection of backgrounds images to form the basis of your new custom web browser theme. One thing you will want to make sure of is to customize your background color to something that matches your background images or logos. Even if you have a background image that covers the entire theme, you’ll want to have a background color as backup.

Background Images: We recommend have a background image of around 3,000 pixels wide and 100 pixels high.

* Dont’ forget to name your theme at this step too!

customize background color
Customize Background Color

Then upload your background image:

upload background image
Upload Background Image

3) Add a Logo: This step is not required, but if you’re a brand or an organization that would like to make sure your branding is in tact, this is the step where you would add your logo to the theme.

4) Add Widgets & Links: Again, this step is not required if you’re creating only a great design for a theme. The great thing about BT:Engage is that the theme creator not only allows you to create a great design, but as a website, blogger or brand, you can create an engaging experience for your fans. The widget and link features allow you to create quick links to your website, social media accounts and even news feeds. Simply, click the “Widget” tab and drag the buttons to your theme. Add links to your website or social media accounts and you have a truly engaging theme with a great design!

new button
Adding Widgets

5) Finish: When you’re satisfied with your design, click “Finish.” That’s it – you’re ready to go! Simply share your download page, publish the theme to Brand Thunder’s library and install it. Before you know it, you have your very own personalized web browser theme to share with the world.

Examples of Customized Browser Themes:

Want to see what’s possible with your own customized browser theme? Literally thousands of themes have been created over the past several years from browser theme fans from around the world. Using BT:Engage, they have created a variety of personalized themes available for download to other theme fans. Check out some of the themes that have been customized by our fans:

The Pond

The Pond Browser Theme

Monster Mummy

Monster Mummy Theme

Mozilla Firefox Fox

Mozilla Firefox Fox Personalized Theme

 Hallowed Night Theme

Hallowed Night Theme

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

—-> Checkout Hundreds more customized browser themes in our gallery

Benefits of Customized Browsers

A custom web browser theme is a great way for a business to market itself as well. Consider this – with a browser theme, you can:

  • Add your logo and colors while getting 100% online exposure
  • Add affiliate links and e-commerce buttons to earn more money for your business
  • Increase visits to your site with built-in RSS news feeds

A browser theme is an effective way to push out information about your business (or university), instantly add credibility and professionalism, and become an extremely interactive and useful tool for your users and fans.

Of course, browser themes are still great for simply improving the look and feel of your online life. Whatever your preference, both finding and creating your own browser themes can be incredibly easy.

What are you waiting for? Personalize your web browser today!

Where to Find Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer Themes

There are many places online to find themes whether you’re using a Chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox or even Internet Explorer. Here are some of the best galleries online for personalizing your browser:

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