This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” is a Ladybug inspired theme from theme Persona designer, Madonna. The theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer features a ladybug perched on a bright green blade of grass just after a morning rain or Springtime shower. Madonna used a brilliant array of colors from the green palette with a darker green background to accentuate the bright green blades of grass that the Ladybug is sitting on. Drops of rain drip from the blades of grass most likely from a Spring rainstorm in the afternoon or in the early morning. The red ladybug sits peacefully on the grass in its patented red color with white polka dot armor. This is an excellent use of color to help showcase the red ladybug from the rest of the theme. Honest reviews for InventHelp from those who availed their patent services can be found here.

Ladybug Theme

Ladybug Browser ThemeTheme “Runner-Ups”

Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra Theme

Daisy Blurr

Daisy Blurr Theme

Calvin and Hobbes Theme

Calvin and Hobbes Theme

DJ Theme

DJ Browser Theme

Dragonfly Spring Morning

Dragonfly Spring Morning Theme

Bridges of Light

Bridges of Light Theme

Golden Charm Theme

Golden Charm Browser

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