This week’s “browser theme of the week” is a tribute to one of the biggest Pop stars in the world, Lady Gaga. This theme features head shots of Lady Gaga across the top of the theme with three different expressions on her face. In the first image, Lady Gaga looks through her hand like a telescope staring directly at the user. The other two head shots display Lady Gaga glaring intensely into the theme as if to look directly at the user. Lady Gaga, otherwise known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, is one of the most popular pop icons of the past several years, often time being compared to Madonna. It’s no surprise then that the theme of the week was actually created by theme designer “MaDonna“. Congrats on this amazing Lady Gaga theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Lady Gaga Theme

Lady Gaga Browser Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Pink Flamingo

Pink Flamingo Theme

Assassins Creed

Assassins Creed Theme

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Browser Theme

Notre Dame 125 Theme

Notre Dame 125 Browser Theme

Irish Wood Theme

Irish Wood Theme

Jungle Theme

Jungle Theme

Marilyn Monroe Dress Blowing

Marilyn Monroe Dress Theme

Ducks on Ice

Ducks on Ice Theme

MacBook Pro Theme

Macbook Pro Browser Theme

Wheel of Beauty

Wheel of Beauty Theme

Justin Bieber Believe Theme

Justin Bieber Believe Theme

Create Your Own Theme

These themes were all created for free using the Brand Thunder official browser theme tool for Firefox and Internet Explorer themes. Simply create a free account, upload your images and arrange in a design that you enjoy. You can create your very own theme and have it featured here in future weeks. Best of luck!

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