There’s no denying the popularity of Lady Gaga in the music and entertainment world. Not since Madonna have we seen an artist so loved yet so shocking at the same time. From wearing dresses depicting meat draped over her body to outlandish costumes and
makeup that transform Gaga to new characters almost every performance, Lady Gaga is one of the most recognizable celebrities of the modern day. It’s no surprise that hundreds of Google Chrome themes have popped up across the Internet celebrating the pop star. Here are some of the most shocking Lady Gaga Chrome themes in no particular order:

Lady Gaga Black/White Leather

Lady Gaga Google Chrome

This shocking theme compatible with Google Chrome depicts Lady Gaga in a black leather outfit in a black and white image. There are hints of red for an interesting effect.

Motorcycle Head Chrome Theme

Lady Gaga Chrome 2

We’re not quite sure if this is a shocking or scary theme! This Google Chrome theme creator placed Lady Gaga’s head at the “head” of the motorcycle with a scary image staring at us directly. Glimmers of shine gleam from the motorcycle along with hints of fire coming up from the bottom of the image.

Lady Gaga Sunglasses Theme

Lady Gaga Sunglass Chrome Theme

This is a more light-hearted Lady Gaga theme. There are three images of the popular artist with sunglasses on two of the images. As usual, one of the images is Lady Gaga in some sort of leather outfit with her tattoo showing.

Lady Gaga Immigrant Theme

Lady Gaga Immigrant Chrome

We’re really not quite sure what Lady Gaga is trying to get across in this Chrome theme. The half-naked artist has a sign that says “immigrant” across her top. Another black and white photo with a hint of red and blue around her mid section.

Lady Gaga Fire for Chrome

Lady Gaga Fire Chrome Theme

Reminiscent of Madonna, this theme is a famous outfit of hers that has a sparkler-like contraption shooting out in the air from her chest. Quite shocking and typical Lady Gaga!

Pink Chrome Theme

Lady Gaga Pink Hair Chrome Theme

This is a simple Google theme with a black background and a picture of Lady Gaga looking at us with the Lady Gaga look. A nice use of pink, purple and blue hair against the black background by this designer.

Lady Gaga Chrome V

Lady Gaga Chrome Theme - V

This Chrome theme again showcases 3 different images of Lady Gaga with one of them without any makeup. The images of her on the side are bright colored face paint.

More Lady Gaga Themes

In our gallery we have several Lady Gaga Themes for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Lady Gaga Classy

Lady Gaga Classy

Smokin’ Hot Lady Gaga

Hot Lady Gaga Theme

Looking for even more Chrome themes for Lady Gaga? Check out a list of some of the best sites with Gaga themes:

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