It was just in April that Conduit confirmed J.P. Morgan’s purchase of a $100 Million stake in the company, and pushed its valuation to $1.3 billion. Big money. That must have sparked others to look at the browser extension space for other rising stars. Based on a PR Newswire release yesterday, at least some of those discussions have come to fruition.

It’s not so surprising to see the surge in activity. The desire and the effort to cut through the clutter of information is high. For products that carve out a connection to the user in the browser, it provides a persistent presence to the online user in an environment where its much easier to capture some of the users attention through the course of the day. Despite these similarities, there are some differences that separate the Neobars created by Macte Labs and the community toolbars and mobile apps offered by Conduit.

The Neobars remind me of the Wibiya toolbars acquired by Conduit a year ago, though the capabilities allow the product to follow the user and add value wherever they are online as opposed to just surfacing on a publisher’s web site. That’s the real value of the product, especially to a portal company like Yippy. The problem for many sites isn’t engaging and monetizing a user base when they’re on your site – it’s how to keep the connection (and return visits) occurring when they’re gone. Conduit’s products, especially its community toolbars, offer that same value proposition.

While it’s easy to see the differences between the Neobars and Conduit’s toolbar, Wibiya toolbar and mobile applications, I’d say the real distinction is in the go-to-market approaches of the two products. Neobars are custom built for each provider, which scales differently than the do-it-yourself publishing approach Conduit has leveraged into a community of more than 260,000 publishers their 250 million users. The more selective and controlled market approach of the Neobars may be better suited for Yippy, who touts itself as a provider of family friendly search engines and web portals.

Congratulations to Macte Labs. The work its done extending browser capabilities with its Neobars deserves to be rewarded. And, it’s exciting to see the momentum in this space and the real value being created with browser extensions.


Yippy, Inc. (YIPI) signs Binding LOI to Acquire Macte Labs, Inc. (via PR Newswire)

       FORT MYERS, Fla., June 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Yippy, Inc. (OTCQX: YIPI) ( (“Yippy” or the “Company”), providers of the world’s fastest, family friendly search engine and web portal reported that the Company has entered into a binding letter of intent to acquire 100% of Macte Labs. Terms…



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