Get FirefoxHere is a quick an easy guide on how to get new Firefox themes for your Firefox browser. A theme is a “skin” that lets you change the look and feel of your browser. Most people use the standard boring gray theme, but Firefox has thousands of themes that can add life to the otherwise dull skin. In the case of Firefox, there are a number of ways to get new themes to dress up the browser.

Firefox Get Personas Gallery

Firefox has one of the most extensive galleries of themes and Personas for their browser on the web with over 35,000 themes. You can get Firefox themes and Personas for free from their gallery and install it in seconds.

Get Firefox Themes at

Brand Thunder Gallery

Here at Brand Thunder, we have been creating Firefox themes for over 4 years including Interactive browser themes that add functionality to your browser. Interactive elements of the browser include: news feeds, links to social media sites, video sidebars, E-commerce links, and Twitter feeds. We’ve created themes for some of the largest brands in the world including: the Huffington Post, Daily Beast, College Humor, NHL, NFL, NBA, CBS Sports, Universal Music, and many more. Our themes are always free and easy to install in just seconds.

Get Brand Thunder Firefox Themes

Get Firefox Add-ons

Another quick way to get themes installed for Firefox are within your Firefox browser. Simply open up your browser, click Tools and then Add-ons. You’ll see a button to “Get Add-ons”…

Get Firefox Themes & Addons



On the lower left of the screen you will see a “Featured Personas” list. Feel free to search for your favorite Firefox theme…

Get Featured Personas


You can then search for your favorite theme and install it in your browser. It’s as simple as that!

Get Firefox Themes on Other Websites

While GetPersonas and the Brand Thunder gallery are the top 2 sites on the web to get new Firefox themes, there are many bloggers who provide links to other themes that may be of interest to you. Here are some of the top bloggers and websites that provide reviews and features for some of the best Firefox themes.

Do you know any other sites to get Firefox themes? List theme here in our comments and we’ll compile additional blogs and websites where you can get new Firefox themes, skins and Personas

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