Updating your Firefox browser is ideal because it helps you take advantage of all of the new features that come in a new version. It’s understandable for one to be wary of updating for fear of losing add-ons, but most Firefox add-ons are already compatible with new versions of the browser by default.

However, some Firefox add-ons are not always immediately compatible with a new version. However, there is no need to fret – you can get all of your add-ons working again in a few easy steps.

  • Check for new versions of your add-on: While Firefox will automatically check for updates to your add-ons, you can always do this manually as well. Simply open the Add-ons Manager Tab from the Firefox button or Tools menu (for Windows XP users) and click on the gear button in the upper right hand corner to check for updates. If there are available updates for your add-ons, you will be prompted to download them and, subsequently, to restart the browser.
Firefox Addons Manager Tab
Firefox Addons Manager Tab – Mac
Check for Firefox Add-on updates
Check for Firefox Add-on updates
  • Find updates through the add-on’s website: Sometimes, the company that creates an add-on releases its own updates for different versions of Firefox. If that is the case, you will have to find the appropriate version from that specific website. Luckily, the add-on’s homepage can be accessed through the Add-ons Manager.
Firefox Add-ons Manager
Firefox Add-ons Screen
  • Search for an alternative add-on: Occasionally, an add-on won’t be compatible with the newest version of Firefox. If that is the case, you will be able to find something similar to it in the vast library of add-ons.

Add-ons are one of the best aspects of Firefox. They do everything from enhance the browser’s appearance to offer tools that make web developers’ jobs easier. Throw in a plethora of games, shopping add-ons, and social media tools and there is a little something for everyone.

As you continue to improve your experience with Firefox by downloading and installing the latest versions, there is no need to worry about the status of your add-ons. With these options at your disposal, you will be able to keep your add-ons and enjoy the great features of every Firefox update.

For more information on re-enabling your add-ons after installing a new version of Firefox, click here.

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