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One of the most frequently asked questions we’ve been hearing from Google Chrome Theme fans around the world is: “How do I Change My Google Chrome Theme?” This article will help Chrome theme fans around the world quickly and easily change their Chrome background theme in 2 minutes or less.

With so many ways to change the look and feel of your Google Chrome browser, you would be doing a disservice to yourself by not trying out some new themes and backgrounds. From holiday-specific themes to ones that celebrate sports teams, seasons, and all forms of entertainment, there is sure to be a Google Chrome theme that suits you.

Once you find a theme that you like, the process of adding it to your browser is quite easy. Here’s how you can change your Google Chrome Background theme in a few easy steps:

1. Click the Chrome “Wrench Icon”

For this particular theme, you will see a “Wrench” logo appear in the upper right corner of your browser. That allows you to unlock some of the extra features that come with it. Go ahead and click the Wrench icon at the top right hand side of your browser to begin the changing process.

Chrome Wrench
Google Chrome Wrench Icon

2. Click “Tools > Extensions”

If you would like to access your Google Chrome theme – either to adjust its options or to eventually change your Google Chrome theme to something different – first find “Tools” in your Options menu. From there, you will find a section for “Extensions”.

Google Chrome Extensions Screen
Chrome Extensions Screen

3. Disable or “Delete” Theme

Once you click on the “Extensions” option, you will be taken to a page that stores all of the extensions you have installed on your Google Chrome browser. In there, you will find your recently- installed theme (or existing Chrome theme), along with the options that go along with it. Go ahead and untick the “Enabled” box if you want to disable that particular theme. If you move your mouse and hover over the theme or extension, you will see a small “Garbage Can” icon appear to the left side. Go ahead and click that if you want to delete the theme entirely and change to a new one.

Chrome Theme Garbage Can
Delete Chrome Theme

You can enable or disable the theme, choose to feature the theme in incognito browsing, and enhance search results, along with plenty of other options that vary from theme to theme.

Theme Options
Chrome Theme Extension Options

4. Choose a New Chrome Theme

So you’ve either disabled or deleted your latest Chrome theme, now it’s time to change it up and pick a new one. Visit either the Brand Thunder Chrome Gallery or the Official Google Chrome Gallery and choose new theme.

5. Install Theme

As mentioned before, first find a theme that you would like to install to the browser. We are using an example from Brand Thunder’s library of browser themes. Simply click the “download” button for Chrome to starting changing your background theme.

Download Chrome Theme
Download Your Chrome Theme

6) Add Chrome Theme

Once the theme has finished downloading – which will only take a few seconds – the following screen will pop up. When you click “Add”, your new custom Google Chrome theme will be ready for use.

Add your new Chrome Theme
Add Chrome Theme Screen

There you have it – downloading and installing your custom Chrome theme can be accomplished in a few simple steps. Let us know if you have any problems or questions in regards to installing your new Google Chrome background theme.

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