As the largest and most successful social network in the world, Facebook has claimed more than a few addicts. But for all of the things that people love about it, there are just as many people miffed at the fact that there is nothing to be done about customizing Facebook. That blue layout taunts users, laughing in their face. But no more! As it turns out, you can create your own Facebook themes or select one from Chrome extensions that have plenty of choices.

Ready to change the look of your Facebook profile? Here are three ways in which you can change your Facebook theme:

1. Facebook Theme Gallery

Facebook Theme Gallery

After installing this Chrome extension from Funner Apps, choosing your own Facebook theme is easy. Simply pick a theme that you like from the gallery of themes (which includes Hello Kitty, The Simpsons, Manchester United and more) and instantly install it to your own Facebook layout. You’ll be able to change the theme or style from the options menu in the extension’s settings or from the “Themes” menu on Facebook itself.

2. Stylish

Stylish User Styles Manager Facebook

Stylish is another Chrome extension that lets you alter the look of your Facebook layout. Stylish works on many websites, but it also acts as a Facebook theme changer. Once you install the extension, an “S” logo will appear in the upper right-hand corner of your browser with a few options. To create your own Facebook theme (once you’re on the site), choose “Find more styles for this site.” From there, you’ll be able to find a new Facebook theme from a huge gallery.


2013 Facebook Theme

With more than 50,000 skins to choose from, this is one of your best options for finding a fun, new Facebook theme (or actually creating your own). New themes are added daily and include everything from animals, birthdays and cartoons to colleges, movies & TV, sports, religion, holidays, animated themes and just about anything else you can think of. With so many beautifully-designed Facebook themes on, you’re bound to lose track of time just searching through the different galleries.

Love Facebook Themes? Try a New Browser Theme…

We’ve found that fans of Facebook themes are also big fans of changing the look and feel of their browser as well. These theme hungry fans can’t stand the boring, bland gray background that most browsers have and instead, personalize it to represent their interest.

Whether you use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox, there are a ton of options when it comes to selecting your own browser theme. Like a Facebook theme, they spice up the way you use the Internet – the only difference is that browser themes come packed full of other features, such as social media widgets, music players, exclusive shopping deals and much more.

Mindless Behavior Browser Theme


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