Our pick for browser “Theme of the Week” this week is a theme paying tribute to the popular Hot Wheels toy car collection. Hot Wheels toy cars were introduced back in 1968 by American Toymaker, Mattel. Hot Wheels cars were basically replicas of the originals that car manufacturers allowed the toy companies to use as it further promoted their brands. This theme features a flaming Hot Wheels car tire on the top right hand side of the theme. A lightening bolt strikes the tire against a black background, giving the the theme an exciting and electric feel. This is a perfect theme for car lovers and especially those who used to collect Hot Wheels or love collectible cars in general.

Hot Wheels Browser Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Fun Flowers

Fun Flowers Theme

The Walking Dead Theme

Walking Dead Theme

Spider Man Version 1

Spider Man Browser

Everlasting Bright

Everlasting Bright Browser

Pontiac Firebird Theme

Pontiac Firebird

Red Rose & Strawberries

Red Roses and Strawberries

Create your Own Browser Theme

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