Thanksgiving ThemesNow that the calendar has turned to November, we can begin to look forward to Thanksgiving. Not only is it a time to eat plenty of food, but it is a time to be thankful for what we have (such as plenty of food). Of course, the colors of the season provide a perfect backdrop, which is great to capture in a browser theme.

There are a variety of Thanksgiving and general November themes that put you in the right mindset for this time of year; the hardest part will be sticking with just one (but who said you really had to anyway?).

Interactive Thanksgiving Theme

Thanksgiving Browser Theme

Celebrate the harvest of Thanksgiving with this theme, but also take advantage of online games, holiday history, recipes and more. Even better, you can get instant Black Friday deals through this theme, helping you get your holiday shopping started right.

Snoopy Thanksgiving Theme

Snoopy Thanksgiving Theme

Who doesn’t love Snoopy? This fun Thanksgiving theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer will put you in the perfect mood for the holiday season.

Walkway Under the Canopy of Trees for Chrome

Walkway under canopy of trees theme

The Thanksgiving season is also about appreciating the colors that are all around us. This Thanksgiving Google Chrome theme does just that with a beautifully colored autumn walkway.

Happy Thanksgiving Chrome Theme

Happy Thanksgiving Chrome Theme

Sometimes, a simple “Happy Thanksgiving” is all you need to be put in the right mindset. This theme is full of autumn colors and a greeting that will remind you of what this time of year is all about.

Beautiful Autumn Leaves Chrome Theme

Beautiful Autumn Leaves Chrome Theme

Here is another variation on the great colors of the season. As we move closer to Thanksgiving, allow these leaves to help you reflect on the year you have had and where you will be moving forward.

Artistic Autumn Chrome Theme

Artistic Autumn Chrome Theme

This Thanksgiving Chrome theme will give you a beautiful, artistic autumn makeover right in your browser. It perfectly captures the colors of the season, along with the beautiful imagery of a tree losing its leaves for the winter.

Fan Submitted Thanksgiving Themes

At Brand Thunder, we have hundreds of browser theme fans creating their own themes and submitting them to our gallery. Below we’ll showcase some of the best Thanksgiving themes created by our fans:

Thanksgiving Harvest

Thanksgiving Harvest Firefox Theme

Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival Theme

Autumn Enchantment

Autumn Enchantment Theme

Create Your Own Thanksgiving Theme

Haven’t found any Thanksgiving themes that you love yet? Why not create your own? With BT Engage, you have access to a browser theme tool that will help you create a Thanksgiving theme for Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. Use your favorite autumn imagery and be sure to share it with the community to help our library of holiday themes continue to grow.

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