Google Handwrite on MobileGoogle has always been about making web searching as easy as possible for its users. In addition to forever-changing algorithms and results based on personal preferences, Google also offers handy tools to make the actual act of searching simpler than ever. One of those tools is the nifty Google handwriting function, which allows you to actually write on the screen of your smartphone or tablet with your finger and create a search query.

It’s Simple to Use:

1) From the homepage, click on “Settings.” For smartphones, it will be on the bottom; for tablets, it is located in the top right.

2) Enable the Google handwriting feature.

Enable Google Handwriting Feature

3) Make sure script “g” button in the lower right-hand corner is on, and begin writing anywhere on your screen. Google will automatically create a search based on what you are typing.

Google Script G handwriting icon

The Google handwriting recognition tool is perfect if you’re not a fan of your smartphone’s keyboard, especially if you have a device with a smaller screen.  Of course, this is a great tool even if you simply want to perform a quick search. Either way, Google Handwrite is a great way to search on your mobile device, and it is available in 20 languages.

Watch a Video on Google Handwrite

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