We are less than two weeks away from Halloween and the Halloween-related browser themes are very popular this time of year. It’s no surprise that our fans are creating Halloween related themes to get ready for the big day. This week’s fan “Theme of the Week” is the “Grave Watcher” theme; a perfect theme to dress up your Firefox and Internet Explorer browser with. This theme features an eerie and foggy scene at the gates of a haunted graveyard. There are black ravens hovering about along with a silhouette of a scary Grave Watcher or what looks to be a Grim Reaper. Get ready for Halloween with the Grave Watcher browser theme:

Grave Watcher Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

NFL Browser theme

NFL Browser Theme

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson browser

Colorful Trolls

Colorful Trolls browser theme

Battlefield 3 Theme

Battlefield 3 theme

Hello Kitty Sweet Heart Theme

Hello Kitty Sweet Heart

Taylor Swift Jeans

Taylor Swift Jeans Theme

Anime Mask

Hide Behind the Mask Anime Theme

Autumn Deer Theme

Autumn Deer browser theme


Transformers browser theme

I Love You Charlie Brown Theme

I Love You Charlie Brown Theme

Darth Vader II

Darth Vader II theme

Create the “Theme of the Week”?

Would you like to see your theme listed here? It’s easy, simply create a free account at BT-Engage.com and start creating your free theme to distribute to your friends and family. Make sure it publish the theme to our gallery to be viewed by thousands of browser theme fans around the world. You might win the coveted “Theme of the Week” and have your theme featured in front of thousands of new eyes and on the browsers of thousands of fans.

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