halloween desktop themesFor fans of horror, October is the greatest month of all. For 31 days, television channels offer a constant stream of scary movies, people are obsessed with finding a costume to wear, and the decorations of the season are found just about everywhere. If you’re a big fan of Halloween, you love everything that goes into this month. So why not dress up your desktop for the month too?

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There are a countless number of Halloween desktop themes out there that spruce up your computer with ghoulish wallpapers, sounds, icons and more. It’s a great way to change the look and feel of your computer, giving it an entirely new appearance as you celebrate one of the best holidays out there.

Free Halloween desktop themes can be found all over the place, meaning you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. Want something terrifying? Maybe something a little more lighthearted? You’ll be able to find a Halloween desktop theme on either end of the spectrum. Here are a few great Halloween Desktop Themes to get you started:

Ticket to Fear Desktop Theme

Ticket to fear Halloween theme

With zombies, ghosts, ghouls, skeletons, and creepy sounds all over this desktop theme, you get a full-on freak fest.

Eerie Autumn Desktop Theme

Eerie Autumn Halloween Desktop Theme

If you’re more into subtle scares, this is the Windows 7 desktop theme for you. This one has everything from gargoyles and gourds to other haunting creatures and images, perfect for setting an eerie mood.

Trick or Treat Theme

Trick or Treat Desktop Theme

Halloween isn’t just about the scares, though. It’s also about carving pumpkins and loading up on as much candy as humanly possible. This colorful theme celebrates some of the more cheerful aspects of Halloween.

More Desktop Background Themes

Jack-o-Lantern’s on the Windowsill

Jack o Lanterns

Brand Thunder’s Halloween Background Theme

Brand Thunder Halloween Background

Think Halloween Theme

Think Halloween theme

Like Desktop Themes? How About Halloween Browser Themes…

Of course, if you’re spicing up the look of your desktop, you won’t want to stop there. Why not change up the look of your browser as well? There are plenty of great Halloween themes out there, giving your browser (whether it’s Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer) a spooky facelift.

Halloween theme

The best browser themes are full of style and color, and Halloween browser themes are certainly no different. This jack-o-lantern theme not only provides a fun design, but links to your favorite Halloween-related sites and a video sidebar for added fun.

Black Cat Halloween Theme

Black cats are as big a part of Halloween as anything else, making this kooky browser theme a must-have.

Spooky Halloween Theme

Black and orange are the dominant colors of Halloween, but there is something eerie about dark green and yellow, isn’t there?

Get Your Halloween Desktop Themes and Browser Personas Today

Besides Christmas, there are few holidays with as much of a festive atmosphere as Halloween. With autumn in full force, the entire month of October is taken over by ghouls, ghosts, and spooky fun. A Halloween desktop theme or browser theme is a great way to get in the spirit of the season, and you can find even more of them by looking through Brand Thunder’s Halloween theme library.

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