Google Chrome for iOS
Chrome for iOS

Last week, Google finally launched a version of its popular browser, Chrome, for iOS, in an effort to get into the iPhone and iPad market and give users more options.

Up until now, Apple’s Safari browser was the only major player available, save for some smaller browsers by lesser-known developers. That is because Apple browsers must follow a strict set of guidelines, which includes using the iOS WebKit framework and WebKit JavaScript.

However, by relying on Apple’s browser and JavaScript engines, Google was able to create what is essentially a Chrome-like browser inside of the specifications. And while it is only the initial version of the browser, it looks like users are getting the Chrome iPad browser they’ve been waiting for.

What Can Users Expect from Chrome for iOS?

The Google Chrome iPad and iPhone app can be expected to perform at least as well as Apple’s mobile Safari browser, considering that Chrome is using Apple’s engines. But that doesn’t mean this new browser doesn’t come with features that won’t entice Chrome enthusiasts.

From the looks of it, Chrome users will be able to sync bookmarks, passwords, open tabs and other information in Chrome browsers on different devices. Plus, it will run on iOS 4.3 or later.

Google Chrome is known for fast and reliable web browsing and it looks like Chrome for iPad and iPhone might deliver the same results. Even while using the Apple framework and engines, it would appear that Chrome for iOS will give users that much-needed variety in the mobile browsing world.

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