mozilla firefox 16 postWhen Firefox 16 was released earlier this month, Mozilla had to pull it almost immediately due to a few security flaws. Those flaws were quickly fixed, though, and Firefox 16 has been up and running without any security issues since. As you download and get used to the updated browser, be sure to enhance its look with a Firefox 16 theme.  At Brand Thunder, we have plenty of Firefox 16 compatible themes available, loaded with features that make browsing better.


Weather Theme

Weather Firefox theme

If you live on the East Coast (and, really, even if you don’t), weather news has dominated the headlines recently. This Firefox 16 theme not only reflects current, local weather conditions, but it also provides an in-browser three-day forecast (which, these days, likely contains plenty of rain).

Neon Lights

Neon Lights Firefox 16

Not all of our themes have to necessarily be about anything other than cool colors and a sleek design. This neon theme is the perfect embodiment of that and is compatible with the new Mozilla Firefox 16.

Bob Marley Theme

bob Marley Firefox

The late reggae artist continues to have a widespread audience, and this theme offers not only four different looks, but easy access to Bob Marley communities on Facebook, Twitter and Get this popular Firefox Theme.

New York Yankees Firefox

NY Yankees theme

Love them or hate them, the New York Yankees are always one of the most talked-about teams in Major League Baseball. With another disappointing playoff run, the Yankees have a lot of decisions to make in the off-season, with the biggest being Alex Rodriguez’s role with the team moving forward. This theme is compatible with Firefox 16 and is also available for Chrome and Internet Explorer fans.

Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks Firefox

There is a very real possibility that the NHL will be in a lockout throughout the entire 2012-13 season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still support your favorite team with a browser theme. Our NHL Firefox browser themes (like our other sports themes) offer quick access to teams’ social media sites and breaking news right in the sidebar.

Looking for Group

Looking for Group FF 16

If you’re a fan of Looking for Group, this is the Firefox 16 theme for you. This theme’s original design features the character of Richard, along with links to the best of the popular Canadian webcomic.

Ohio State for Firefox


Brand Thunder also has a large library of Firefox themes that revolve around colleges. Show your support for your favorite school with a theme that gives you the latest news surrounding it.

Nature Persona & Theme

nature-firefox theme

Mother Nature is currently wreaking havoc on the East Coast, but this Firefox 16 theme will give you a glimpse of better days, giving you multiple images for a continuously fresh look.

Christmas Firefox Theme

christmas mozilla 16 theme

It’s never too early to get excited about Christmas, is it? This theme has a day and night view in Firefox, along with music, links to great deals and plenty of other holiday features. This theme is also compatible with Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Find Your Favorite Firefox 16 Themes

Brand Thunder’s library of Firefox 16 themes continues to grow, and it is sure to have a little bit for everyone. A great browser theme not only spruces up the look and feel of your online experience, but it makes it simpler as well. Take a look though our catalog of Firefox 16 themes today and find one that suits you.

Download the New Firefox 16 – You can download the newest version of Firefox directly from the Mozilla site. Currently version 16.0.2.

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