We had quite a number of new themes created this week by fans and users using our free theme tool. It was quite difficult to narrow down the very best but the theme of the week this week ties in with the Memorial Day holiday coming up this weekend in the US. The “Freedom Flies” browser theme shows the National Bird, the Bald Eagle, hovering prominently in the mountain sky. Two Bald Eagles are floating against a brilliant backdrop of tall forest pines, a hint of morning fog, and the early morning sky. This is simply a beautiful browser theme paying tribute to the Memorial Day holiday in the US this upcoming weekend. Congrats to theme designer “Madonna” for creating the “theme of the week” this week for the “Freedom Flies” browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Freedom Flies Theme

Freedom Flies Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Lighting up the Night

Lighting up the Night

Yamaha Theme

Yamaha Browser theme

i See Stars

Gerberas in the Wild

Gerberas in the Wild

Oops 404 Error Page Theme

oops error 404 theme

The Saints Nation

The Saints Nation Theme

Texas Bluebonnets

Texas-Bluebonnets Theme


Create Your Own Browser Theme

If you would like to enter the weekly “Theme of the Week” contest to have your theme featured on one of our blog posts and all our social media accounts, simply create a theme using our free browser theme tool. We will pick the winner each week. Full details on our contest are here.

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