Firefox has rolled out its latest version and, like many updates, it comes with a host of features that are designed to improve a user’s browsing experience. In the case of Firefox 14, the biggest draw might come from its new use of SSL-encrypted HTTPS search functionality.

A favicon will also no longer be shown in the URL bar next to the address; instead, it will now be a globe or padlock in order to prevent malicious sites from misleading users with padlock favicons.

This has improved search security in the browser, which is perhaps the most important aspect of all. Other new features include full-screen support for Mac OS X Lion, plugins that can be configured to only load on click, auto-completing typed URLs in the Awesome bar and much more.

Brand Thunder already has a variety of great Firefox 14 themes that are sure to meet anybody’s interests. Take a look below at seven of our favorite Firefox 14 themes:

Bob Marley

bob Marley Theme

Show your love for this music legend with your choice of four different themes, with each one giving you features such as easy access to, a sidebar of special features, and links to the community on Facebook and Twitter.


Eco friendly theme for Firefox

Let the rain forest live in your browser! Get breaking news and updates from organizations like the National Audubon Society and WWF, along with the latest environment videos that keep you updated on conservation efforts and information on what you can do to help. Eco Friendly Firefox 14 Theme.


Horoscopes Theme

This starry Firefox 14 theme is perfect for all of the astrology addicts out there. A sidebar of featured news is available to help you stay current – or perhaps to help you make sense of the horoscope you just received.

Major League Baseball Firefox Theme

Baseball aficionados can’t properly browse the Internet without using our MLB themes, which provide up-to-the-minute breaking news, schedules, scores, exclusive contests and more. We’ve got all 30 teams available as Firefox 14 themes, so be sure to show your support (even if you’re resigned to rooting for the Cubs)!


NASA Firefox 14

Choose among three themes (Earth, Hubble Telescope, and Space Station) and get the latest news from NASA in the news ticker. Videos and photos are constantly updated in the media sidebar, fueling your curiosity about space and beyond.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly clarkson Mozilla

Kelly Clarkson is one of the best pop artists performing today, and you can show your love for her with this great Firefox 14 theme, which (obviously) features images of Kelly to go along with breaking news and instant access to Kellebrites, Facebook, Twitter and more.

CollegeHumor Firefox 14 Theme

College Humor Theme for Firefox

What better way to enjoy browsing the Internet (or putting off work) than with the CollegeHumor browser theme? A video sidebar full of hilarious CollegeHumor content will help any day go by faster.

If you’re looking for the best Firefox 14 themes out there, you’ve come to the right place. Enhance your new browser with one of our themes listed here or take a look at the rest of our Firefox theme library. We’re sure to have a theme for you!

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