Firefox 12 Themes
Firefox 12 Released

The 12th version of the popular web browser, Firefox, has been released and can be downloaded by visiting the Official Mozilla Firefox site here. The new release doesn’t have as many updates as in past versions but does provide a number of bug fixes from Firefox 11.

Firefox 12 Features

One of the main features of the new Firefox 12 release is the ability for the download manager to automatically start downloading links that are added to it. Another small feature update includes an update to the browser’s find in page feature. Mac OSX users were experiencing reduced performance previously when WebGL contents were accessed. The Firefox 12 release helps with that minor bug. Developers will also love the new feature when looking at a page’s source code. Firefox 12 is now displaying line numbers which is extremely helpful in finding references to code.

As with any new Firefox release, fans are always looking for themes that are compatible with the recent versions. We’re proud to say that our Firefox themes and Personas are Firefox 12 compatible and available for free download. Here are some of our most popular Firefox 12 themes:

Top Firefox 12 Themes

Bob Marley for Firefox

Marley Firefox 12 just celebrated the new release of the new Bob Marley Movie now available in Theatres, on Demand and even Facebook. Now you can celebrate the Reggae legend with this theme dedicated to the most important Reggae artist of all time, Bob Marley. 3 different Firefox themes are included with this theme that provides interactive elements like quick links to the website, social media accounts as well as news, updates and new releases from the Bob Marley family. This is one of the most popular themes in our gallery and especially for the new Firefox 12.

NASA Firefox 12

NASA Firefox Theme

Some of our most popular themes each month are “space” related themes with images of our planets and solar system. This is an interactive theme created for NASA and includes a new image from the NASA gallery every week. Get intergalactic news, photos and quick links to your favorite NASA pages with this NASA theme for Firefox 12.

Weather Theme

Weather Theme Firefox

What if you could check the weather without even visiting a weather related site? Well, now you can with this Weather Interactive persona for Firefox. This is the only browser theme that helps you check the weather with local weather forecasts right in your Firefox browser. This theme will also change design based on your local weather forecast. Sunny skies will brighten up your browser on a sunny day in your hometown and cloudy skies may display if it’s cold and rainy outside.

Chicago Blackhawks

Chicago Blackhawks Firefox 12

Chicago has always been a great sports town and the Blackhawks have been one of the hottest tickets in the city ever since winning the Stanley Cup Championship a few years ago. Now, rabid Blackhawk fans can stay updated on all the action in the regular season and playoffs with this theme for Firefox. Get scores, highlights, news and more with this interactive theme for true Chicago Blackhawks fans.

Nature Firefox Persona

Nature Firefox 12 Persona

Maybe you’re just looking for some great nature landscapes to liven up your browser and provide a peaceful background to your boring Firefox browser. This Nature interactive persona showcases a number of amazing nature landscapes and photos from the best that nature has to provide. Bring mother nature to your Firefox 12 browser with this Nature inspired theme.

Basketball Firefox 12

Firefox 12 Basketball Theme

We’re gearing up for the NBA playoffs and it seems that our fans are too. The basketball theme for Firefox 12 keeps you updated on the latest on the NBA and college hoops with a team selector to choose your favorite team along with basketball news and scores. This theme also includes a video sidebar to help you stay current with the latest highlights from around the basketball world.

Tweet Theme for Firefox

Twitter Theme for Firefox 12

Everyone is addicted to Twitter and Tweeting the day away. This theme helps you to stay connected with your Twitter followers and even allows you to Tweet directly from your browser. The Tweet theme provides a nice light blue background along with a Twitter sidebar and your Twitter stream feed directly in your browser. You’ll never miss a beat with your Twitter followers with the only Firefox theme dedicated to Twitter.

NEON Lights for Firefox

Neon Lights Firefox 12

Bring NEON lights to your Firefox 12 browser with the official NEON lights theme. Month after month, this is one of our most popular themes. Fans love the bright neon green, yellow, red and blue lights against the black background of this Firefox theme. Spice up your night life with the popular NEON lights theme.

More Firefox 12 Themes

These are just a sampling of some of the best Firefox 12 themes available in our gallery. There are hundreds and hundreds of more themes including these popular skins:

More Firefox 12 Release Notes

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