Firefox 10 has hit the shelves, or at least the virtual shelves of the Internet and your browser. The release came out yesterday and Firefox 10 can be downloaded right from Mozilla: Firefox 10 download. Firefox continues to iterate new versions of the browser about every six weeks to stay current with the rapid releases from one of their top rising competitors, Google Chrome.

The latest Firefox 10 release fixed about a half dozen flaws that were critical and several that were high priority. One of the most important updates was the browser’s ability to automatically mark nearly all add-ons as compatible with each upgrade. With the rapid updates to the browser, users complained of add-ons that were incompatible with new versions. Firefox 10 now offers “Automatic add-on compatibility” for all add-ons including 3rd party developers. This includes Firefox 10 themes created by Brand Thunder. Check out some of the best Firefox 10 themes for your browser:

Best Firefox 10 Themes

Fish Filled Aquarium Theme

Aquarium Firefox 10

One of the most beautiful underwater themes is this “Fish Filled Aquarium” theme compatible with the new Firefox 10. A stunning display of the coral reef with an assortment of brightly colored fish swimming through the depths of the aquarium. This is a dazzling theme that will spice up your Firefox browser.

Abstract Art for Firefox 10

Abstract Art Firefox 10

Fans of Art and specifically Abstract Art will enjoy this alluring Firefox 10 theme. Pay tribute to your favorite Abstract artists with this light blue and green theme with abstract shapes and designs in the background.

Dragon Interact Persona

Dragon Firefox 10

Take your browser to fantasy realms with this fire breathing dragon theme and Interactive Persona. A dragon will light up your browser with a flame that is half the size of the top of the browser. This is the year of the dragon in the Chinese calendar and is only fitting for a Top 10 Firefox Theme post.

Bob Marley Firefox Theme

Bob Marley Theme

Bob Marley is one of the most famous music artists of all time and arguably the most famous Reggae artists in the World. Brand Thunder worked with to create an interactive theme dedicated to the musician along with interactive elements to help stay connected to the artist and website. Enjoy quick access to the website, social media profiles, links to news articles and latest releases in this Firefox 10 compatible theme.

Philadelphia 76ers Theme

NBA Philadelphia 76ers Firefox

The season was on the brink of extinction this year but alas, the NBA season is now in full swing. Can you believe the NBA playoffs are just a few months away? Some of our most popular Firefox themes are the NBA teams and the Philadelphia 76ers have a patriotic theme that is popular with our users and of course, 76ers fans. The 76ers not your team? You can find even more NBA themes for Firefox 10.

Brushed Metal Firefox 10 Theme

Brushed Metal Theme

Some Firefox theme users just want a simple yet sleek design for the background of their browser. This “brushed metal” theme provides just that. A sleek grey theme that styles the background of your browser without sticking out too much. One of the best themes without any major design changes.

Fantasy Flower Garden Theme

Fantasy Flower Firefox 10

A hypnotic theme with a tie-dye assortment of colors, this Fantasy Flower theme really brightens up your browser and takes you to the next level. A full spectrum of colors is used along with psychedelic butterflies.

Summer Fireflies Theme

Summer Fireflies for Firefox

Over the past 6 months, our users have been creating some amazing themes using our Firefox theme creator tool. This Summer Fireflies theme was actually created by one of our fans and was published to the gallery. It provides stunning imagery of the summer night sky and a splashing of fireflies lighting up the woods. This theme is compatible with Firefox 10 and is a beautiful addition to your browser.

Ohio State University Firefox Theme

Ohio State Firefox 10

The Ohio State University is one of the largest universities in the world and Brand Thunder worked with the university to create this theme for Buckeye fans. In addition to an enticing design, this Firefox 10 theme provides interactive elements for fans to connect with the official Ohio State Buckeyes website.

Fantasy RPG Interact Persona

Fantasy RPG Theme

Role Playing Games (RGP) have been popular for quite some time and this theme pays tribute to fans of RPG’s. Assume the role of this fictional character and add it to your browser for an instantly stunning theme for your Firefox 10 browser.

Weather Firefox 10 Theme

Weather Theme

Weather geeks will love this browser that gives you your local forecast right in your browser. In addition, this theme will change reflect your current weather conditions. If it’s a bright sunny day or cold rainy afternoon, this weather theme will change to reflect the weather outside your window. Highly recommended and WeatherBug approved!

Firefox 10 Gallery

These are just a sampling of some of the best Firefox 10 Themes from our gallery but they may not fit your style. Never fear, we have an entire gallery of Firefox 10 themes to shop from. Looking for specific categories of themes? Browse Firefox themes in these categories: College, Entertainment, Express Yourself, HolidaysLifestyle, News, Sports, Fan and User-Submitted.

Now if you can’t find a theme you like in the gallery, you can even create your own Firefox 10 theme. Our theme creator tool helps anyone create their own theme without any technical knowledge. Simply upload your images, pick your background colors and arrange the designs to meet your style. You can even publish your finished product to the gallery!

More Firefox 10 News

There is quite a bit of coverage on the latest Firefox 10 release from Mozilla. If you’d like to read more in depth about the release, features and technical specs, take a look at these articles:

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