Easter season is upon us and what better way to celebrate the festive holiday with decorative browser themes to spice up your browser. Below we will feature some of the best Easter related themes in our gallery with images of Easter bunnies, Easter flowers, Easter eggs, Easter baskets, ducklings, and visions of Springtime. A complete listing of Easter browser themes for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are listed depending on the browser you are using. Enjoy and Hoppy Easter!

Easter Chrome Theme

Easter Theme Google Chrome
Easter Chrome Theme

This is the Official Easter theme for the Google Chrome browser. This theme brings Easter joy to your browser with a goofy bunny rabbit hiding behind beautifully colored Easter eggs. The top of the browser provides even more Easter eggs along with bright green spring grasses. The light blue background provides a nice backdrop for this entertaining and fun theme for your Chrome browser. This is not just a great design but the skin is also interactive. Get great ideas for celebrating the holiday, send eCards to friends directly from the browser, and watch Easter videos in the interactive sidebar.

** Note, this theme is also available for Firefox and Internet Explorer

Easter Themes – Firefox & IE

Easter Bunny Family

Easter Bunny Family

This is a classic Easter theme reminiscent of designs you might have seen many years ago. This is a great theme for fans of vintage Easter designs. An Easter bunny family graces the top of the theme as they sit peacefully in the grass. This theme looks like a painting that you could put on your wall. A great classic theme!

Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunnies Firefox

This is a cute theme for fans of baby Easter bunnies. A litter of bunnies sit tucked in the grass huddling next to each other in the morning sun.

Spring Ducklings

Spring Ducklings Theme

A late Winter theme foreshadows the coming of Spring with the birth of two little ducklings. In the background sits the birds nest and eggs.

Easter Morning

Easter Morning Browser Theme

A perfect theme to spice up your browser on Easter morning. This theme is a collage of Easter bunnies, ducklings, Easter eggs, flowers and a bright beautiful design with visions of Spring. Everyone is family with this Easter morning theme.

Easter Bunny Watch

Easter Bunny Watch

An Easter bunny takes watch on the events of the day behind some tulips and other Spring plants.

Additional Easter Personas

Easter Pinstripe Skin

Easter Egg Sparkles

Easter Egg Hunt

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