This week’s browser theme of the week is just in time for the Easter holiday this year. The “Easter Eggs and Lilies” theme created using our Firefox & IE theme tool showcases a dazzling array of light blue colors with a floral backdrop. This theme features a brilliant Easter blue background with an assortment of butterflies, Easter Lilies, blue sparkles and swirls of abstract art design throughout the theme. This is a perfect theme to add to your Firefox or Internet Explorer browser for the Easter holiday this week and for the entire Spring and Summer!

Easter Eggs and Lilies Theme

Easter Eggs and Lilies Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Joyful Spring

Joyful Spring Firefox & IE

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku Browser Theme

Assassins Creed Brotherhood

Assassins Creed Brotherhood Browser

Purple Sparkles Theme

Purple Sparkles Firefox & IE

Floral Browser Theme

Floral Browser Theme - Firefox Internet Explorer

Create The Theme of the Week

If you would like to submit your theme to be considered for “Theme of the Week”, simply create a theme using our browser theme tool and share the theme with your friends and fans on Facebook and/or Twitter. Full details on the contest are here.

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