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Perform a search for “Download Themes” and you’ll find a host of offerings for personalizing your digital experiences.

Sites like offers a central destination for Themes, Skins, Wallpapers and Icons. offers themes for your mobile phone. You’ll find options for Windows 7 themes, XP themes and WordPress themes. What’s conspicuous by its absence is the option to find browser theme downloads. Especially with the meteoric rise of the Google Chrome browser and its emphasis on enhancements via its Chrome Webstore.

That’s why a few months back, Brand Thunder updated its browser theme gallery.

We wanted to create the leading destination to download themes for Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you haven’t been, please give it a visit. You’ll find official themes from some of the world’s most recognized sports teams, artists, entertainers and more. Plus, an eclectic mix you get when you open up to user generated content.

Here are a few of the highlights you’ll discover.

Chrome Themes

The fastest growing browser also offers some of the hottest themes to download. There are all free, and be sure to search for Brand Thunder so you can much of what themes for Chrome you can download.

Kelly Clarkson Chrome Theme

The first Idol who has really lived up to the word, image and expectations. Now see what Kelly Clarkson brings to a Chrome browser theme.

Kelly Clarkson Chrome Theme
Kelly Clarkson Chrome Theme

St. Patrick’s Day Chrome Theme

You may decide to bring some of the luck of the Irish to your Internet with this St. Patrick’s Day theme.

St. Patrick's Day Chrome Theme
St. Patrick's Day Chrome Theme

Phoenix Suns Chrome Theme

If sports are more your game, you can choose from a range of professional sports teams to college athletics. Brand Thunder builds the official themes for NBA, NFL, MLS teams and many more.

NBA Phoenix Suns Chrome Theme
NBA Phoenix Suns Chrome Theme

Firefox Themes

Firefox is where Brand Thunder got its start building browser themes and where you’ll find some of the themes that really show off the interaction of our interactive browser themes.

Weather Theme

The only browser theme that changes with the weather. Powered by WeatherBug, this theme changes based on your current local weather conditions, offers a 3-day forecast in the theme and much more.

Weather Firefox Theme
Weather Firefox 9 Theme

Bob Marley Theme

The global appeal and timeless message of Bob Marley is represented in this browser theme. It offers a theme switcher so you can easily cycle through the different looks whenever you want a change of look.

Bob Marley Firefox Theme
Bob Marley Firefox Theme

Neon Lights Theme

The Neon Lights theme offers a colorful but simple theme with a subtle glowing to the lights that make this a continually popular theme to download.

Neon Lights Firefox
Neon Lights Firefox Theme

Internet Explorer Themes

Internet Explorer remains the world’s most popular browser, but was left without much of the add-on sizzle Chrome and Firefox offered – until Brand Thunder gave it some browser theme attention. Now many of our themes have IE skins as well.

Euro Football Theme

The world’s football theme is a great way to enhance IE.

Euro Football IE9
Euro Football IE Theme

Chivas USA Theme

Even if you like your football with helmets and pads, you can still get Major League Soccer themes through Brand Thunder’s Gallery.

Chivas USA IE Skin
MLS Chivas USA IE Theme

University of Kentucky Theme

You’ll also find themes you can download for many of the elite teams in NCAA Men’s Basketball. These themes are from the school’s athletics departments, so if your a fan of NCAA Women’s Basketball or other sports – you’re covered.

Kentucky IE Theme
Kentucky IE Theme

UGC Themes

And since we offer a tool to build your own themes, we also give you a chance to share your themes with the world.

Kuomintang Theme

Taiwanese political parties have found their voice with browser themes.

Kuomintang Theme
Kuomintang Theme

Hello Kitty Bubbles

The Hello Kitty contingency will find much to like in the User-Submitted theme section.

Hello Kitty Theme
Hello Kitty Theme

Age II Conquerors

Gamers and game community members are also taking their clans, fighting units and parties into browser themes.

Age of Empires II Conquerors Theme
Age of Empires II Conqueroros Theme
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