One of the best features of Google Chrome is its customizable interface. Users can install their own themes and backgrounds that show off their personality, interests, and more. It’s a great way to make browsing the Internet even more fun.

But have you ever wanted to customize your own Google Chrome browser? Using your own set of colors and images, have you ever wanted to make your own Google Chrome theme?

Believe it or not, creating your own Chrome theme is much easier than you think. In fact, there happen to be a variety of tools that help you design your very own theme. Here are just a few of the free Chrome theme makers available to you:

Chrome Theme Maker

Google Chrome Theme Maker Tool


Your own customized Google Chrome theme is only a few clicks away with the Chrome Theme Maker. Simply upload (or select from the gallery) the images of your choice, choose your preferred theme colors, and you’ve got a theme! Design the frame, toolbar, tabs, background and more with this easy-to-use tool. To install it, simply download it and drag the .crx theme into the Chrome window.

Google Chromizer

Google Chromizer Theme Tool
Google Chromizer


Making your own Google Chrome theme doesn’t get much easier than the Google Chromizer. Simply find a photo that you want as part of your theme, upload it to Google Chromizer, and instantly download and install your new theme. Best of all, there is a short, but informative, instructional video on the site that perfectly lays out every step of the process. Chrome Theme Creator Theme Creator


The Theme Creator tool is a browser add-on that you can install. From there, you can easily create and share your own Google Chrome themes. It is one of the most comprehensive Google Chrome theme maker tools out there, allowing you to choose the design for the frame, toolbar, tab background, new tab page background, frame overlay, new tab page attribution, and the window control background. Additionally, users can also create an extensive color scheme, choosing everything from the frame and tab text to the buttons on the page.

Chrome Theme Creation Guide


Chrome Theme Guide
Chrome Theme Creation Guide

Are you more of a coder, looking for more freedom when making your own Google Chrome theme? If you are looking to really understand the nuts and bolts of creating a theme for Google Chrome, read up on the Theme Creation Guide. It’s a collaborative effort to make theme creation as easy to understand as possible. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious when it comes to learning how to create your own Google Chrome theme, you’ll want to check out this extensive guide.

These are just a few of the ways in which to create your own Google Chrome theme. By choosing your own images and designing a color scheme, you are able to create a theme that suits you and your interests. If you’re looking to spice up the look of your browser, be sure to check out a Chrome theme creator and start creating your own look today!

*Note: If you’re looking to create your own Firefox or IE theme instead, try this browser theme tool.

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