The browser “Theme of the Week” features a bright and colorful theme with visions of the upcoming autumn season. The theme aptly titled “Colorful Season” displays a rainbow of colors with a distinctly “fall” hue. From burnt amber shades to oranges and yellows, this theme will put you in the mood for the cool and crisp autumn days ahead. In addition to the beautiful array of colors, the theme designer,  “MaDonna”, added a charming picture of a bird perched in the air overlooking a vivid arrangement of fall leaves. The season of fall color changes is just around the corner and this theme will help you get ready.

Colorful Fall Season Theme

Colorful Season Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Cherry Blossoms Theme

Cherry Blossoms Theme

Autumn Breezes Blowing

Autumn Breezes Blowing Theme

Snow Globe Web Browser Theme

Snow Globe Web Browser Theme

Bouquet for Fall

Bouquet for Fall Theme

Rippled Reflections

Rippled Reflections Theme

Bamboo Tiger Theme

Bamboo Tiger Theme

The Owl and the Tiger Moon

The Owl and the tiger Moon

Create The “Theme of the Week”

Every one of the themes above was created for free using our browser theme creator tool. You can create your own theme and be eligible for showcasing the theme in our weekly contest just by submitting the theme to our theme gallery.

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