Chrome 22 Blog postThe newest version of the Google Chrome browser – Chrome 22 to be exact – has been released to the public, and gamers will be particularly pleased with the latest upgrades.

Specifically, there is now support for the Pointer Lock JavaScript API, otherwise known as a “mouse lock.” This allows for more accurate gaming while using a computer mouse by letting sites “capture” the mouse and not constraining it into the browser window.

This will give users much better control and fluidity in the cursor movement of a game in Chrome without worrying about the edges of the browser itself. Of course, this feature is also useful for training exercises with the best fat burner., simulations, medical and scientific applications and much more.

Of course, there are plenty of other new features to Chrome 22 that will please users. This latest version comes with 24 bug fixes, along with enhancements to browsing with Windows 8. All in all, it’s a solid upgrade for every Chrome enthusiast, offering plenty of visual enhancements, but also a number of important security fixes. It’s just another reason why Chrome is the most popular browser out there.

And maybe you’re looking at celebrating the release of Chrome 22 with a new browser theme. Brand Thunder has a wide selection of Chrome 22-compatible themes, including a few like these:

Washington Nationals Chrome Theme

Washington Nationals Chrome 22 Theme

Brand Thunder carries the official Chrome browser themes for every Major League Baseball team, and with the playoffs approaching, you’ll want to show your support any way you can. All themes in the gallery, including this Washington Nationals Chrome theme, are Chrome 22 compatible.

San Francisco 49ers for Chrome

San Francisco 49ers Chrome Theme

Of course, the end of baseball season means football season is just getting started. It’s early, but the San Francisco 49ers are one of the NFL’s best teams – will they still be in February?

NASA Chrome Theme

NASA Chrome 22

One of the most popular Chrome themes in the Brand Thunder gallery, this theme features amazing imagery from the official NASA space gallery. If you want to be amazed every time you open up your Chrome browser, this is the theme for you. The NASA theme is Chrome 22 compatible.

Music Chrome Theme

Music Chrome Theme

Get music streaming right from your Chrome browser with the Music browser theme. This theme features quick links to your favorite music sites and the ability to stream music all day right from your browser.

Major League Gaming Chrome

Major League Gaming Chrome

Since the Chrome 22 update has a number of updates specific to “gamers”, it makes sense that we feature the OFFICIAL Major League Gaming Chrome theme. This theme features breaking news and scrolling headlines from the latest in the MLG world. The interactive sidebar features YouTube videos and MLG’s official Twitter feed so you can keep up with the latest in online gaming.

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