The Google Chrome has been busy. It seems new iterations of their new browser come out every few weeks with more improvements to usability, speed and security. The latest Chrome release is Chrome 17. This release features a number of improvements and updates to the rising star of the browser world. There are also Chrome 17 Themes available for download. But first, the features:

Chrome 17 Features:

  • Preemptive Rendering – Chrome 17 will begin loading and rendering a URL while you are typing into the address bar. This pre-loading will occur when Chrome recognizes a URL that you may visit frequently and try to auto-complete.
  • Malware protection – Chrome 17 will automatically scan downloaded executable files and scan for malware automatically.
  • Chrome will also check with safe browsing sites to see if the website you downloaded the file from is known for malicious downloads.
  • Speed – Chrome is always improving speed with every new release and Chrome 17 comes in much faster than before.

Chrome 17 Themes

Looking for the latest Chrome 17 Themes to spice up your browser? Here are some of best themes for Chrome 17:

Neon Lights for Chrome

Neon Lights Chrome

This theme features a hypnotic mix of Neon lights weaving throughout the entire background and top of the Chrome theme. A dark black background makes the Neon lights appear to jump out of the computer screen and really livens up the look of your browser. This theme is Chrome 17 compatible.

NASA Chrome Theme

NASA for Chrome 17

This is one of the most popular space themes for Google Chrome. Users not only see amazing images of space directly from NASA, they receive news, videos, and even more photos of space from the NASA theme sidebar. This is an interactive Chrome theme and extension. Your browser will update with a new image from space every week. Highly recommended for space lovers.

Easter Theme for Chrome 17

Easter Chrome Theme

Easter is right around the corner. This theme is a fun holiday theme with a goofy Easter bunny and bright colorful eggs placed throughout theme. A light blue background and hints of green grass get you ready for Spring. This Chrome theme is also interactive and offers Easter planning tips, great deals, and a video sidebar for top Easter Holiday features.

Music Theme for Chrome

Music theme for Chrome 17

Anyone that loves music will love this Music theme for Chrome and Chrome 17. A stunning image of a rock band performing along with quick access to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This theme also allows you to listen to music right from your browser. Just install the theme and look for the quick links under the address bar. Look for links to your favorite music videos, music deals and much more.

Major League Gaming

Major League Gaming Chrome

Fans of video games and Major League Gaming are a passionate bunch. Major League Gaming is one of the most popular gaming networks in the World with thousands of participants each year. As a Major League Gaming fan, you can keep up with all the action with this Official theme for the organization. Users of this Chrome 17 theme will have quick access to the Major League Gaming website, the latest news, and social media profiles. A must have for Gamers!

College Humor Chrome Theme

College Humor Chrome Theme

College Humor is one of the most popular websites in the world for College students, young adults and a magnet for hilarious videos and pictures from across the web. This theme will keep you connected with the humor with quick access to the latest College Humor posts, pictures, videos and news. If you want to inject a little bit of humor into your day, just try this theme.

Porsche Chrome Theme

Porsche Chrome ThemePorsche Chrome Theme

This theme is regularly the most popular theme in the Chrome Theme Gallery every month. Fans of the popular sports car flock install this theme to show their love for all things Porsche. Get amazing photos of the latest models of Porsche in a sleek theme that is compatible for Chrome 17. A must have theme for Porsche car fans.

Even More Chrome 17 Themes

This is just a sampling of some of the best Chrome 17 themes available to you as a Chrome theme fan. Here are some additional skin that you might try:

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