This week’s browser “Theme of the Week” was created by Firefox Persona designer Madonna with her “Christmas at Home” theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. This theme is a perfect fit for this season as it displays picturesque Winter holiday imagery directly on your browser. Imagine coming home for Christmas with a fresh coat of snow covering the ground, big pine trees and on the rooftops along with reindeer frolicking in the front yard as you admire the huge snowman created by your little cousins. It might sound like a fairy tale scene but Madonna has captured the essence of the holiday season with this Christmas at Home theme.

Christmas at Home

Christmas at Home Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

3D Art

3D Art Browser Theme

Desert Sunset

Desert Sunset Theme

Bamboo Dew

Bamboo Dew Browser Theme

Cleveland Browns Theme

Cleveland Browns Browser Theme

Blue Christmas for Me

Blue Christmas Browser Theme

African Lion

African Lion Theme

On Fire

On Fire Browser Theme

Santa’s Away We Go Theme

Santa Away we Go Theme

Create the Theme of the Week

Every one of these browser themes was created for free using Brand Thunder’s free browser theme tool, BT:Engage. User simply choose a background color or design, upload any images they would like to use and adjust designs as necessary. Users with websites or blogs can even include links to their homepages or social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. This is a great way to spread your word in the form of a beautiful browser theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer. Now, get started and we’ll see your theme as the “Theme of the Week” in the coming weeks!

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