We are starting to see more and more entries into our Browser Theme of the Week contest and the entries keep getting better. This week’s top browser theme was created by world-renowned theme designer “MaDonna” and is called “January Snow”. Some will recognize MaDonna’s Firefox Personas in the GetPersonas gallery as well as our theme gallery. She consistently creates some of the best browser themes on the Internet and this week’s is no different.

The January Snow theme provides stunning imagery of a mid-Winter’s snow glistening on the trees. A bright sunlight shines in the horizon helping to bring out the sparkling snow draped over the tree branches. Pay homage to the beauty and elegance of Winter with the January Snow theme for Firefox and Internet Explorer.

January Snow Theme

Snow Browser Theme

Theme “Runner-Ups”

Song Stuff Music Theme

SongStuff Music Theme

The SongStuff browser theme was created by theme designer “John Moxey”, a singer and songwriter who runs the online songwriting community: SongStuff.com. Songstuff is a free songwriting, not-for-profit resource and general music resource for both fans and musicians, offering free songs and music pages, creative, technical and business information, interviews, forums, links, and artist adverts. This theme provides imagery of a home music studio along with quick links to the SongStuff music community, helping fans stay instantly connected to their favorite songwriting community. Nice work John!

Fire Browser Theme

Fire theme

This is a fiery orange theme created by a new theme designer, “Osane Scarlett”. Osane created just a beautiful and simple fiery theme that will torch any browser with bold orange, red and yellow tints of color. One of our most popular themes is the “Fire Theme“, and this theme created by Osane is one of the best fiery user-submitted themes we’ve seen thus far. Great work.

Honorable mentions

We typically don’t have an honorable mention list, but there were so many great themes created in the past week by our fans. Check out a few more amazing themes:

Create The Theme of the Week

If you would like to submit your theme to be considered for “Theme of the Week”, simply create a theme using our browser theme tool and share the theme with your friends and fans on Facebook and/or Twitter. Full details on the contest are here.

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